These Summer-Kissing Wedding Guest Dresses Can Be Life-Saver. . .

Wedding are events where you get the liberty to showcase your sartorial choices with panache and elegance. At a wedding, the invitees will not only notice the couple, but they may notice you too. We too want to look our best as a guest. If you are spoilt with choices, here is a list of 10 unique wedding dresses for you to try out this summer.

  1. Floral Print Maxi Dress
    Nothing can beat the summer heat than floral prints. They are warm and comfortable for the wearer and for the eyes of the beholder too. The floral printed maxi dresses are lightweight, the adjustable spaghetti straps keep the bodice intact and the V-neck grabs all the attention.
  2. Cold Shoulder
    The nice cut-out shoulder of this type of dress is sure to grab eyeballs at wedding functions. They are mainly of knee length, fitted and have a quarter or full sleeves.
  3. Lace Dress
    Lace dresses have always been the top choices as a party wear. The textured hems and unlined top are the key points of the lace dresses.
  4. Satin Dress
    The satin dresses are said to be inspired from the 60’s and are still very much in vogue. They are either sleeveless or short sleeved with V-neck or plunging necklines.
  5. Cape Dress
    The cape dresses are lustrous, sober, sophisticated and very hot. One of the high points of these dresses is that the plus sized women can also wear these dresses. The crew neck cutting is totally unique along with an invisible black zip closure.
  6. Embellished Midi Dress
    If you are not too fidgety about embellished dresses, then you can try this one out on this wedding season. The dress is characterized by stretchy cream lining under an embellished mesh. Some of them have sequin flowers and others have pearl detailing done on the bodice.
  7. Tulip Dress
    They are the new in town little dresses which feature a draped loose white linen vestment neck and a tulip skirt. A finished hem completes the design of these dresses.
  8. Floral Skater Dress
    The floral skater dress looks equally ravishing and gorgeous. The vibrant colors and the flattering shape go with almost every occasion. A pair of high heels goes well with these dresses.
  9. Sheath Dress
    The lingerie inspired sheath dresses are perfect for the summer. The necklines have structured piping which accentuates your face and collarbone and defines your curves.
  10. One Sleeve Dress
    The one sleeve dresses combine sophistication with trendy looks and are easily one of the most preferred sartorial choices for your wedding party. An asymmetrical neckline, slim bodice, and an elegant one length sleeves are the key point of these dresses.

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