Surprise Your Kids With These Ice Cream Sundae Ideas!. . .

There was a time when ice creams were associated with just the summer season. But today, you don’t need to care about the season if you crave for a scoop of ice cream. Ice creams rule the hearts of all kids just like they rule our hearts! So, it’s time we surprise all the kids out there by adding some variety to their usual ice creams. Here are some sundaes that have been picked especially as per the taste of all the kids to make them happy!

  1. Kit Kat Ice Cream Sundae

    All kids love it when their two most favourite desserts come together (i.e. chocolates and ice cream). Kit Kat is a chocolate which has both, a chocolaty taste and a crunchy part that blends in perfectly with the creamy texture of ice cream. Try this Sundae to bring a smile to your kid’s face!

  2. Oreo Monster Sundae

    Oreo is a biscuit which has recently come to India but has left behind all other biscuits in the minds of all kids. This oreo monster sundae would give you the taste of small crumbs of oreo in the ice cream as well as a whole biscuit on top! The look itself is so amazing that all kids would rush and come to you to try it!

  3. Layered Strawberry Sundae

    I know kids tend to repel from fruits, so why not make them eat some with the help of a sundae? This recipe above focuses on strawberries but you can make similar sundaes using different fruits like orange, grapes, etc. And further, if you want to make them eat dry fruits too, you know exactly what to do!

  4. Super banana Split

    Woah, Look at the size of this sundae! But don’t confuse the size of this sundae with the difficulty level of making it. While other sundaes would give you just one or two flavours of ice cream, this sundae would give you three different flavours of ice cream. You can go for these sundaes either when there are a lot of kids coming to your house, or when you need to teach your kids to share food!
    Believe me, the trick is going to do wonders!

  5. Chocolate Fudge Sundae

    All sundaes up till now had either some biscuit, chocolate or fruit involved in the process of making of the sundae. But this sundae solely focuses on ice cream and all you need is a chocolate sauce. It is the easiest out of the lot and if your kid loves chocolate flavour, then you can please him/ her quite easily!

  6. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

    This sundae is my favourite! It is a unique kind of sundae and wherein you fill the oreo biscuits with your choice of flavour of ice cream. It is an easy task and can be made in advance to be eaten later. Also, the outer layer of all the dry fruits, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate chips make the dessert even more interesting!

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