These Day-to-Day Objects Joined With Some Lines Are Magical. . .

Ecuador-based art director and illustrator Javier Perez has been posting an entertaining series of photo illustrations on his Instagram page. The easy designs combine ordinary objects into a mind blowing and goofy minimalist drawings like creating the Eiffel Tower out of forks, a telescope from a bottle, bat with a tool and lots more.

Maybe we love this kind of illustrations as they encourage us to think creatively about the objects we see and use every day. Or maybe they recall us of our artistic skills when we were kids.

Another reason that his art is so attractive is that it is convenient. As amusing as it is, it needed no fancy stuff or challenging abilities to perform. Anybody with a pen, a camera, and some creativity can begin performing comparable works – all you require to do is to be ready to imagine extreme of the box and see at everyday things from a new prospect.

A lot of his art explores the intensities of vision, and his drawings are inspired by an almost child-like happiness. The selection of 15 pictures below is best to deliver some happiness to your day.

  1. A balloon from a grape
  2. A rubber band from pencil shavings
  3. Mike from a movie monster
  4. What a great telescope from a bottle
  5. Bat with a tool
  6. A pencil shaving frock
  7. A mosquito with a help of injection
  8. The rain of strips
  9. A dry leaf boat
  10. Sauce in our veins
  11. Bangs! Bang! Bang!
  12. The Eiffel Tower out of forks
  13. The Juicy Lungs
  14. A Squirrel on duty
  15. An alien captured

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