These Photos Express The Beauty of A Female From An Angle That Is Unimaginable. . .

Women’s body is the fascinating creation of God. Numerous writers have expressed the virtue of their body in elegant words. Various painters have portrayed it stunningly on their art. And many photographers have caught the attractiveness of women’s body in most impressive and magnificent way.

A photographer, Roger Weiss desired to describe the beauty of women’s body differently so he set out to obtain the female figure in a diverse way. Encouraged by Kintsugi, a Japanese technique for restoring broken things by filling gold in the cuts, Weiss’ series called “Human Dilatations” highlights unifying photographs that explain how the female body is fragmented and then reassembled.

Human Dilatations-Compositions, Suspension, and Monoliths are a sight of absence the contemporary human being. Each image portrays a body whose symmetries are partially deformed and prevails over a head that fades, without giving a trace. The entire series explores new outlooks of female virtue.

Human Dilatations does not fear the signs of frailness of the body and its flaws but preferably stimulates the female form to seem as a whole: an appearance by itself, in a game of distortions that enables one to uniquely associate to the perception, completely detached from the stereotypical and artificial impression of beauty.

  1. You are imperfect, forever and necessarily flawed. But you are beautiful.
  2. The female body is the excellent work of art.
  3. Your BODY isn’t flawed, other’s thinking is.
  4. In order to be an effectual woman with any kind of spiritual strength, you first have to love your body
  5. Your body was imprinted as blank sheets to be filled with the ink of your heart
  6. Beauty is only skin deep. I believe what’s truly necessary is finding a steadiness of mind, body, and spirit.
  7. The female body is the most ordinary of things, yet also the most extraordinary.
  8. God observes nothing but beauty in y’all.
  9. Beauty is how you think inside and it shines in your eyes.
  10. Sometimes the disgusting parts of you are what others love the most
  11. To lose faith in one’s body is to lose faith in oneself.
  12. Beauty has no color.
  13. Women who love themselves are frightening; but men who love true women, more so.
  14. Learn to avoid mirrors. They never appeared to show you what you desired to see.
  15. Beauty is about staying comfortable in your own skin. It’s about understanding and admitting who you are.

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