11 Guinness World Records Made By Bollywood Movies And Celebrities. . .

Bollywood accounts for the largest film industry in the world. It has been entertaining us for nearly a century and has made tremendous records in the process. So clearly Bollywood is big when it comes to making an impression on the outside world. That is why many Bollywood movies and celebrities have made their way into the mighty Guinness World Records honoring our achievements. Here are 11 such records –

  1. Maximum number of songs in a day by Kumar Sanu Kumar Sanu has recorded 28 songs in a single day back in 2013 and made his entry into Guinness World Records. 1chiloka.com
  2. Largest onscreen family in the Bollywood – Kapoors Evidently, Kapoors are the largest onscreen family in Bollywood with 24 members of their extended family. They made their way into record book since 1999 and have been there since then. 2youtube.com
  3. World’s largest movie poster – Bahubali “Bahubali: The Beginning” made a record for having the world’s largest movie poster measuring more than 50,000 sq. ft. They broke the earlier made record of the film Boss. 3awwnews.com
  4. Largest annual film output – Indian film industry Indian film industry is home to nearly 800 to 1000 films being produced every year making its way into the record book. This is roughly double the size of films produced in Hollywood. 4bjstlh.com
  5. Longest career in Bollywood for leading roles – Ashok Kumar Since 1963, Ashok Kumar acted in films and TV shows for 63 long years. 5tollfreephonenumber800.com
  6. Actress with longest film career – Lalita Pawar Lalita Pawar has appeared in more than 700 films since she was 12 for 70 long years. 6curioushalt.com
  7. Actor with the longest career – Paidi Jairaj Jairaj made his debut in 1929 and has an acting career of 70 years. In his lifetime, he acted in over 300 films. 7cineplot.com
  8. Highest box office film gross for a Bollywood film – PK PK (2014) has made way into the record book for being the most successful Bollywood film of all time with a net gross of 6.22 billion worldwide as of Jan 2015. 8thecompanion.in
  9. Most number of awards for a movie – Kaho Na Pyaar Hai The movie won 92 awards, the most number of awards for any Bollywood movie.9bollywoodlife.com
  10. Most recorded songs by an artisan in the music history – Asha Bhosle Asha Bhosle was World Records for recording the most songs in the history of music in 2011. She recorded over 11,000 solo, duets, and chorus songs in over 20 languages since 1947. 10news18.com
  11. Record for being the most typecast actor in Bollywood – Jagdish Raj That might sound weird but there is a record for being the most typecast actor. Jagdish Raj, best known for his roles of a police officer, holds the record for playing cop for 144 films. 11hindustantimes.com

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