5 Things To Relate If You Love Monsoon Way Too Much. . .

Monsoon is special because it brings a lot of relief after the scorching summers. Rains bring so much joy among each and every one of us that we enjoy rains leaving all tensions aside. No wonder it is considered as the most romantic season. You become incredibly philosophical about life and the world and love when it starts to rain. Here are some of the things that you can relate to if you love monsoon way too much!

  1. You love the scent of parched earth
    When the first raindrops kiss the earth, a romantic scent spreads across the nature and changes everything. The earthy scent is loved by everyone because it makes us happy and refreshes our mind.
  2. You love to have garma garam chai and pakodas
    After watching the raindrops touching the ground, the only thing that you crave for is the chai-pakoda combo. The steam emanating from the middle of the pakoda when you break the much-loved snack into two halves never looks so good. Your rainy day gets complete when you combine pakodas with chai.
  3. You love going for long drives in the rain
    Just after the rain, you love to go for a long drive to enjoy the swinging trees, the singing birds, and the soothing breeze. Nature becomes even more romantic during monsoon and you just can’t resist yourself to enjoy every bit of it. For those with partners, it is the best time and the best weather to spend quality time with your better-half.
  4. You love sitting by the window side reading a book
    Spending some time with yourself, the rain and the book releases stress. It gives you inner peace when you just sit by the window side watching the raindrops and reading your favorite book.
  5. You don’t understand people who hate this weather
    You find it hard to accept when people say they hate rains. Monsoon has its own indescribable joys, even if comes with irritants like humidity, sweat, long traffic jams on road, disruption of the normal routine of life. But then, such is life! It’s all about our beautiful nature and you love it tremendously.

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