5 Stories of Ramayana That Not Everyone Knows. . .

The very famous “Ramayana” is one such epic that is known to all. Remember your granny telling you the entire story on the eve of Diwali, when you were a kid?But we are sure she must not have told you about a few little stories that are still unknown to many. Let us take you down the memory lane and add a few missing puzzles of the story-

  1. Lakshman didn’t sleep for entire 14 years in order to protect Rama and Sita from any unforeseen event that might take place at night
    Lakshman could not sacrifice his sleep at any cost. But for the safety of his beloved brother Rama and Rama’s wife Sita, Lakshman sacrificed his sleep and had sleepless nights protecting Rama and Sita.
  2. Hanuman was an incarnation of Lord Shiva
    It is said that Hanuman was the 11th Incarnation of Lord Shiva. Both Hanuman and Lord Shiva played significant roles in helping Rama defeat Ravana. But no one knew that both Hanuman and Lord Shiva were related in terms of incarnation.
  3. Ravana wasn’t able to mistreat Sita
    Though Ravana had trapped Sita by taking the form of a golden deer and take her to his kingdom by performing such erroneous act and even tried to convince her that she agrees to marry him. He was not able to force Sita or use any physical power on her, as he was cursed by Kuber’s son that if he ever tries to touch any lady without her consent, he will die immediately.
  4. Reason behind Kumbhakaran for sleeping for months
    Everyone knows that Kumbhakaran used to sleep for months but no one knows the reason behind his sleep. When Kumbhakaran along with his brothers went to Brahma and were about to ask for a boon, Goddess Saraswati tied his tongue so that he cannot ask for any inappropriate boon, as a result Brahma presumed that he wants a boon of eternal sleep. So the same was granted by Lord Brahma and Kumbhakaran slept for months.
  5. Ravana and Kumbhkaran were the ardent followers of Lord Vishnu, of whom Rama was an incarnation
    In previous life Ravana and Kumbhakaran were given the choice to take birth 7 times as an ardent follower of Lord Vishnu or take 3 births as an enemy of Lord Vishnu. They took the second option as they wanted to clear birth circle so that they can rest peacefully with Lord Vishnu after the third birth.

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