Funniest Rampwalks of All Times. . .

When it comes to Ramp walk, all that comes in your mind is fashion, glamour and beauty. But have you thought what will happen if things don’t turn out the way the fashion designers and models expect it to be?

The fashion show can soon turn out to be a laughter riot for all its viewers, and a huge embarrassment for the unfortunate model. Let us have a look at few of the funniest ramp walk incidents that took place some time back:

  1. You must have heard of wardrobe malfunction, but did you know that even a simple ramp walk can turn out to be a humiliating event pain for some models?
  2. The moment you realize that you should have given equal importance to your footwear as well.
  3. When the ramp suddenly turns out to be an ice skating rink for the model, it results in a new kind of a ramp walking (read: gliding) style.
  4. When the model suddenly feels like swimming in between a ramp walk. Well quite unique, isn’t it? Maybe the event was a little too hot for her to handle!
  5. You must have seen models falling on ramp, but I am sure you haven’t seen a model creating an unusual style after falling on the ramp.
  6. Ever seen duck style ramp walking? If you haven’t, allow us the pleasure to show you the first of its kind duck style ramp walking. Ta-da!
  7. Model turning into an athlete, in the middle of a ramp walk, can surely be something to watch

These instances have become quite common at every fashion show. Though everyone tries their best to keep it perfect, but sometimes some unique ramp walking styles are born out of such mistakes. This might not be a good experience for the models, but it surely tickles the funny bone of the onlookers!

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