Various Struggles of Both Skinny And Chubby Girls. . .

Be it skinny or chubby – girls always look beautiful. Ever heard the line “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”? Same is the case with skinny or chubby girls. Though most people tend to mock their looks, the real bad ass girls don’t even pay heed to such comments.
But at times, this body shaming really gets on the nerves. Let us go through some struggles that every skinny and chubby girl faces in her daily life:

  1. If you are too skinny or too chubby almost everyone will question your eating habits and just ask one thing..
  2. The struggle that they have to go through every time while shopping for new dresses! If they like something then there are high chances that it will not be available in their size.
  3. They always have to shift to some other topics to stop people from discussing about their figure. It’s like their figure becomes the hot topic for discussion for everyone.
  4. The moment you decide to join a Gym for a healthy body, everyone be like “What are you doing here?”
  5. When they try to give some genuine health or figure related advice to anyone, everyone be like.
  6. Every time you meet your relatives at any function, the only thing that they will talk about is your weight.
  7. That pain when you realize, you are not getting fit properly in your old clothes.

We understand the everyday struggle skinny and chubby girls have to face. And if you are one of them, then you would definitely relate to these points as they are quite common, unfortunately.

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