Bollywood’s Son-Dad JodisThat Are Too Good To Ignore. . .

Bollywood includes a lot of great talent coming through the genes. The generations seem to pass on their acting skills to their children, where some accomplish their goals but some fail to stand up as expected. But there are these Son-Dad Jodis who rule our hearts. You just can’t seem to ignore these amazing duos from the Bollywood industry.
Some of them have been lucky enough to share the screen together whereas some still haven’t got a chance.

  1. Amitabh-Abhishek
    Amitabh Bachchan, the leading star of Bollywood has been in the industry for a quite a while now. He has strived to make his place in our hearts ever since and no matter how old he is, he will remain the Shahenshah of Bollywood. On the other side, his son Abhishek Bachchan has been trying hard to be like his father but still, they are THE BACHCHANS and we love them.
  2. Rishi-Ranbir
    The Kapoor’s have been ruling the industry since a decade. This duo is a package of killer looks and incredible acting skills. Both the Father and the son in their own times have been the center of attraction for all the ladies out there. Following the footsteps of his father, Ranbir has too managed to make hits for time and again and rules the hearts of every girl by his charming looks just as his father Rishi Kapoor.
  3. Dharmendra-Sunny-Bobby
    The Deol family trio is perfect when comes together on screen and everyone loves watching them working together in reel life. They seem to share a great bond in real life too among each other which is the best part about them.
  4. Rakesh-Hrithik
    The super successful duo of Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan gives hits on hits when they come along. Hrithik has made his place in the industry because of his good looks and terrific acting skills but it’s all in his genes because of his father who has given great hits to the industry in his time and now works as a producer and a director. Hrithik with those Greek-god looks, which makes all the girls drool over him also somehow comes from his father.
  5. Pankaj-Shahid
    Shahid Kapoor has won over our hearts by his great hits and dancing talent and made his own place in the industry. Whereas Pankaj Kapoor is mainly known for his commendable performance in office office and Karamchand. Both of them are great actors from our hindi film industry.
  6. Javed-Farhan
    Javed Akhtar known as one of the finest writers in the industry gave us some major lyrical hits that have always been the limelight of Bollywood. Whereas the son, Farhan Akhtar has shown versatility in different positions in the industry as a director, producer, singer and of course a wonderful actor.
    This magical duo is known for their talent and is loved by one and all.
  7. Jackie-Tiger
    Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff are the new ones on our list. Jackie Shroff has been the charmer of his time and now his Son Tiger Shroff seems to be the upcoming star with his sharp dancing skills and his good looks.

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