This is How You Can Build Your Portfolio (Even When You Don’t Have Any Client). . .

It can seem like an absurd idea to create a portfolio when you don’t have “actual” work. But if someone who has already done few works to showcase will agree that it becomes much easier and creative to create a portfolio when you have no input. Don’t feel you’ve got nothing to show. In fact, you’ve got your own unique ideas to share! Want to learn how? Read on!

  1. Let’s get your head clear
    First things first. Okay, so you have no deadlines or clients at this point. Think of this time as a luxury time to create something awesome and outstanding which you want to create from your heart.
    That’s right! You have the freedom to create without barriers. What’s the work that you always wanted to do? Pin them up as your fresh ideas and you’ve got a new topic for your first portfolio!
  2. Who’s your ideal client?
    Now that you’ve got some ideas in your mind, it’s time to identify your ideal client. If you haven’t thought of it yet, it’s the best time to start now. Dig up everything, everywhere. The more you know about them, more adaptive you’ll become to your role in real work.
  3. Self-initiated project
    Now that you’re aware of what type of work you may deal in future, you can start building a project for that client. Don’t stop your imagination, let it flow!
    Try creating work for an existing company you always appreciate. Even if the project fits the client’s profile, go for it. It might land you a job in future.
  4. Does something completely made-up hold less weight?
    Okay, you might think about this at some point, especially when you’ve got no clients. Building a self-initiated portfolio does not mean you’re presenting a perfect prepackaged look at what you might offer to the clients.
    It’s not about being afraid, it’s about creating something out-of-the-box without any outside support. It simply means you’re proactive.
  5. Don’t underestimate yourself
    Not having clients, in any way does not mean that you’re not talented or undeserving. You know that building a business requires loads of time and hard work. So, don’t judge yourself with someone who’s already in the middle when you’re just in the beginning.
  6. Don’t stop!
    Clients are not the arbitrator of your success. Don’t hold yourself from creating new self-initiated projects whenever you’ve got ideas and time. Remember, they’ll add up the value to your portfolio. Keep creating consistently, even if you think it’s not creating any difference. Just like Mon Voir said, “Create something today, even if it sucks”.
  7. Stay inspired
    Keep a notebook full of ideas and stuff you see, think, read or write which inspire you. Something which you want to do for you ‘dream clients’. It adds a new dimension to your portfolio and reflects what you’re capable of doing when hired for that client.

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