Indian Memes That Perfectly Describe Your Relatives. . .

They’re nerve-wracking, pleasing and sometimes weird. But you can never, ever get rid of them! Yes, we’re talking about those Indian relatives that you either love or hate instantly. There’s no in between. They step on you sometimes and make you go crazy, but you know they lit up your life. Check out these funny Indian memes that you can easily relate to any of your dear relatives:

  1. They always have their speech ready
    You dare not come in front of them, especially when you can’t make rot is or get a job. Or else, you know the consequences! You’ll deal with five more lectures (excluding your parents).
  2. Exactly!
    You know you want to face palm when they’re always questioning your life choices, period. (Kuch kaam kyun nahi kar lete beta!! = You’re worthless)
  3. What’s with her?
    (Pata nahi kiski beti/beta hai! Maa-Baap ne kuch tameez hi nahi sikhayi!)
    Can you ever escape from those judging aunties and uncles? No!
  4. That look!
    When your relative sees you with your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s really horrible. Something like this:
  5. Beta, humein sab pata hai!
    These are the ones who cannot believe that you’re a grown up and know the world. They’re always ready to throw their advice on you.
  6. Mera sense of humor bahut accha hai!
    Sometimes their faces are hilarious than their PJs, agreed? They would not accept that they’re not funny, but they will make you feel “serious” types.
  7. They have a knack for details
    They can spot the difference in few seconds in anything, be it flowers or your embroidered lehenga. They love to find flaws.
  8. When you’re still single
    Being single is equal to being queer for Indian relatives (even if you’re 24), just saying! That’s the expression you get:
  9. The over dramatic ones
    You want to avoid them, but somehow amidst the crowd, they find you. And you wish they don’t start crying.
  10. It’s complicated
    Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand that what they understood! But you enjoy not correcting them (lol).
  11. The dance wale relatives
    They only attend occasions to dance. Hand them Vodka or Whiskey, and they can dance like a pro!
  12. You wish you can say this
    Your annoying relatives never leave a chance to inquire you. You wish you can say what you really mean, but mostly we don’t.
  13. List is never ending
    Be it Indian or any other human species, we all have those relatives which we never want to remember. Check out another funny video by Superwoman aka Lilly Singh:

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