10 Things Every Girl Must Have In Her Handbag. . .

Let’s be real here. Every girl’s handbag is dear to her and they love to carry their whole life in it. But in reality, you need to figure out what should go into your handbag. Remember we are not talking about clutches here but a real handbag. So let’s get started girls. Here are 10 absolute must-haves every girl needs in her handbag –

  1. Bobby pins
    They are the most versatile thing ever especially when you need to fix your hair or picking locks, they can always come handy.
  2. Cash
    We know it’s all automatic out there but you need to throw some cash and change in your wallet before you go out.
  3. Lip Balm
    Lip Balm is the best product a woman can have by her side, always. It has multiple uses. You can use it on your lips, as a highlighter or blush on your cheeks or give your look a quick makeover.
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  4. Hair Ties
    It might get windy outside or you just need to tie your hair, hair ties are always there for your rescue in any situation.
  5. Compact Powder
    You know those situations when your make-up might get awry or your foundation begins to fade away, well a compact powder can fix it all. Great for quick touch-ups.
  6. Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer gives you protection in public places and best to use after touching door knobs or other such places.
  7. Small Notepad and pen
    Feel like writing down ideas while traveling in a metro or need to write something important? Notepad and pen are your best friends.
  8. Perfume
    If you have usually busy days, don’t forget to have a perfume or roll-on deodorant in your bag to save you from becoming a sweat monster.
  9. Comb/Hair Brush
    Something every girl on Earth needs in her bag for obvious reasons.
  10. Safety Pins
    They are the most underrated yet necessary item to keep in your bag. They can avoid a major disaster in case your dress gets ripped off or a seam rips on your shoe.

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