Struggles Faced By Long Distance Best-Friends. . .

A best friend is someone you can rely on to for anything and everything. That one person who is yours and you literally OWN them in all senses. But sometimes there comes a phase where you have to set apart your ways and not live together in the same city anymore because one of you is moving away. Even imagining such a situation gives you a little heart-attack wondering how your life would be without your best friend.

  1. The Good-bye
    The hardest part is the separation. The anxiety of not having her by your side anymore almost kills you.
  2. Managing to make a Skype call isn’t so easy because time difference sucks.
    It becomes a task to match up your schedule just so that you can have that one Skype call with her to tell her all you have stored in.
  3. No more sharing the wardrobe
    You have to start managing to live with your own clothes because you both can no more share stuff, which is the worst part because you literally were dependent on each other half the time for those heels or the pretty dress that one owed.
  4. Being jealous of your best friend’s new friends
    You definitely lose your mind the moment when you see someone else calling your best friend as theirs because she is just Yours. No one on this earth has a right to call her that except you.
  5. Marathon of tagging each other in memes goes on all day to express your emotions
    You both keep tagging each other in different memes and videos expressing your feelings and wish to see each other’s reaction at the moment because you can totally relate to it. After all, friends who tag along, stay along.
  6. You miss their company in everything you do
    You start missing those coffee dates, hangouts and shopping plans together because now you’re on your own.
  7. Celebrating birthdays without them
    Not having your best friend on your birthday makes all the birthday excitement run away. You wish she would somehow show up last moment to surprise you.
  8. You miss your gay lover
    Situations where you were struggling to find a guy or someone tried to hit on you at a bar, she would literally turn into your gay lover to save your ass.
  9. Roll of snap chats in your way
    Even though she’s not there practically, you still want to snap chat everything to her to let her know what’s going in your life at all moments as you don’t want her to miss out on any bit.
  10. You miss their real presence during your break-downs
    When you face those break-downs or any boy Drama in your life and you need a shoulder to lean on, but she isn’t there to tell you, “I’m on my way”. (Heartbreaking)
  11. Countdown until the next meeting
    It’s been ages since you two have met and you just can’t wait to see her again and handcuff her to just never let her go.

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