10 Reasons Why People Stay in Bad Relationships. . .

When two people are in a relationship, differences of opinion and taste are bound to occur. There will be fights and make-ups, and at the end of the day, you can feel the love that you share with your partner. But there are some such relationships where the partner feels that he or she is trapped and can find no way out. These relationships take such a bad turn that we keep on wondering why these two people are together and why can’t either of them move out?

Let us talk about 10 reasons why people stay in a bad relationship.

  1. Lack of knowledge regarding true love
    Many people think that this is the real meaning of being in love; to bear another’s brunt, even at the cost of his/her own dignity. They don’t know the exact meaning of true love and being loved back equally.
  2. Lack of self-esteem
    People who are suffering from a low self-esteem are unable to stand up for themselves. This gives their partner an added advantage because they know very well that whatever they say, their partner doesn’t have the courage to move out of the relationship.
  3. Fear
    There are a number of fears which compels a person to stick to their partner. The fear of rejection, the fear of being alone and the fear of being ridiculed and questioned are something which beat their courage. They are scared of the consequences of break-ups and most importantly, how to survive alone till they find another person.
  4. Fear of being lonely
    The fear of being lonely all of a sudden after coming out from the relationship is what freaks a person out. They find happiness in others and being left lonely means their share of happiness is gone.
  5. Finances
    Walking out of a relationship is hard for someone who is dependent on their partner for finances, either half or fully. A number of thoughts cross their mind; how will they pay rent and how to make both ends meet.
  6. Some thinks their partner will change
    A number of people out there think that sooner or later their partner is going to change, shed their abuses and embrace them with love. They like to hold on even if it tastes their patience.
  7. Habituated to pain
    Some people are so familiar with the everyday drama and toxic behavior, that they think they don’t deserve anything better.
  8. For the sake of the children
    If the couple has children, getting out of the relationship is the hardest because a child will want both- father and mother. A number of couples hang on to the relationship in order to avoid divorce and spare their children the emotional pain.
  9. They think it’s normal
    Some people think that the fighting, abuses, in differences in relationships are quite normal. They are unable to realize when the relationship has gone wary and out of their hands.
  10. Safety
    The feelings that walking out of the relationships will land them into various inconveniences and insecurities, force them to be in the relationship.

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