Creativity Boosting Tricks to Try This Summer. . .

Creativity is not something you often get whenever you want. It slides and pops any time. There’s something great about being creative. Some of us are busy all day in the 9-5 job, while some have works that have no scope for creativity at all. That being said, summer breaks can be life-changing, especially when you know how to boost your inner creativity.
Let’s make something clear. Not everybody wants to be creative. So don’t judge if someone else likes it! What’s that one hobby you ever wanted to try out?

  1. Get a hobby
    Even if you’ve got a little time, you can still boost your creativity. Explore yourself, try learning something. It does not matter if it’s a quick mixologist class or 20 minute tutorial on planting herbs. It’s soothing, plus a great stress buster too.
    The Internet is huge and there are loads of options to learn something new. For starters, check out Skill share.
  2. Carry a notebook
    You’ve got the technology to keep yourself easy. But nothing is more magical and creative than writing in a notebook. It does not have to be a large, fancy book.
    A simple spiral hardbound and a mechanical pencil can do well. Write whatever comes to your mind. Draw what you see, you want. Even if it’s a messy doodle, who cares? It’s about what you feel.
  3. Be inspired, observe
    Some of us love strolling or vacationing in summers. It’s heart-warming, isn’t it? Well, that’s your best time to boost your creativity.
    Sure, it’s easy to get inspired when you’re on an exciting European summer vacation or serene road trip. Who said you can’t gather inspiration from any corner? Look around, try to find beauty and inspiration from everything around. It’s difficult, but not impossible.
    For instance, cook up stories on people waiting with you for the coffee, sketch the kid playing in the park, write something about the place. Keep exploring, no matter how messy it looks.
  4. Technology is your friend
    How much time do we spend scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest? Ever wondered even your Instagram can look fabulous?
    Almost everyone has a dozen apps for photo editing and enhancing. Why not try hands-on lifestyle photography? Take a small online class, learn few tricks from professionals, and you’ll start falling in love with your own work too! (And yes, it will boost your creativity even if you’re not a creative person)
  5. Experiment
    We all have to use our creativity at some point, whether our job demands it or not. Engaging in other forms of creativity can be beneficial to your work life too.
    Experiment with new features, software, apps, skills. Even watching other forms of creativity can help you design a fresh perspective. Moreover, it creates a distance between you and your work, yet helps you to stay updated on your work.

What’s your creativity trick? Do share it with your friends and let us know your views!

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