Thinking of Laser Hair Removal? Keep this checklist handy. . .

We spend huge time and money to get those unwanted hairs removed. Some of us have also kept ‘Laser treatments’ as future options. With heavy price tags, Laser may seem too far from your list. But, if you’re someone who constantly struggles between waxing appointments, removers, and constant razor burns, investing in a Laser treatment, can be life-saving. Here’s the list quick checklist that will help you to ‘decide’ whether it’s Laser or not for you:

  1. What’s laser hair removal?
    An important question to ask yourself. Are you aware that laser processes take time? You should know that most laser hair removals only works best for dark tones. And you may get disappointing results in some areas compared to others.
    To be precise, you got to know ins and outs of laser treatment before booking an appointment.
  2. Have you got enough time?
    Don’t expect to get that soft, silky skin right after your first session. Though the process itself takes hardly 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the skin area.
    But to get that pitch-perfect results, you have to plan ahead and get take out time for at least 3 to 10 sessions, depending on the area and physiology. And the gap between these sessions can be 4-5 weeks.
  3. No waxing or plucking
    Yup, waxing or using your tweezers on the laser treated areas is a big NO. Let them fall out their own way.
  4. Concerned about side effects of LHR?
    Apart from its cost, laser hair removal treatments have a giant notion of coming with some gruesome side effects like blistering, scarring, and pigmentation disorders.
    It’s important to discuss with your dermatologist or physician about the possible side-effects and the cure after undertaking treatments.
  5. Shaving is important
    If you’ve dived deep in the LHR, you must be aware that shaving is important before laser treatment. Not that it has anything to do with its effects on hair roots.
    You should know that there is no relation between shaving and increased growth or thickness of hair.
  6. The ‘sunny’ factor
    Having yourself sun baths in summer will be excluded from your list when planning for LHR, even before commencing the treatment.
    You can’t get LHR with tanned skin (though newer technologies may help). Plus, exposing your bare skin after treatment into the sun increases the chances of pigmentation disorders.
  7. The timeline
    You have to understand that having LHR does not mean you’ll never have to wax, shave or tweeze.
    Even the best physicians out there would say that usually 70% of the hairs (single hair follicles) are permanently removed. The remaining hair follicles will regrow over time and thus, you might need to undergo maintenance treatment every 4 to 6 months to remove those new hairs.

When it comes to investing a chunk of your hard earned money on your appearance, you can’t turn eyes over ears to any factor. So, think briefly. Hope this checklist will clear your few doubts on LHR.

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