How Nepotism Has Taken over Bollywood. . .

All of us have seen children taking over the business from their parents. But we don’t expect to happen this in an industry like Bollywood! Unfortunately, we have some actors, who are literally backing up on their father’s well-earned name, and getting movies through their contacts and favouritism! Here are some of them who top the list of Nepotism in Bollywood-

  1. Tushar Kapoor
    Tushar Kapoor has been in the industry for a very long time but the only movie that comes to our mind is the “Golmaal Series”. There is just this one more thing that we relate to when we hear his name and that is his father Jitendra and his sister Ekta Kapoor. No doubt the two have been really successful in the industry but Tushar Kapoor hardly got the genes of his father!
  2. Sonakshi Sinha
    Famous Bollywood actor Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha is yet another actor who has been in a number of films but mostly as a cameo or side actor. The only reason she still keeps getting movies is due to the contacts her father holds for his fame in the industry.
  3. Arjun Kapoor
    Arjun Kapoor is the son of Boney Kapoor, an Indian film producer. Although Arjun did his homework back in film school and has come with a good training, his skills hardly give a challenge to the rest of our actors. Had he been the offspring of a commoner, the fame he carries today was difficult to achieve.
  4. Jackky Bhagnani
    Vashu Bhagnani’s son Jackky Bhagnani got some real good starts to his career with the lead role in movies, but all were flops. The only reason he still got a movie after all those flop ones is because of his father’s name again!
  5. Sonam Kapoor
    Sonam Kapoor has ruled our hearts with her fashion sense, and now with her new fashion line ‘Rheson’. But when it comes to acting, there has been a little work that we could think of to appreciate. Nonetheless, the girl has her bucket full and the credit goes to her father Anil Kapoor, the ever young actor of our industry.
  6. Bobby Deol
    From acting to being a disc jockey, Bobby Deol has miserably failed us. The little appearance that he got on screen had been only due to his father Dharmendra, a big time actor of the industry whom we all love!
  7. Tiger Shroff
    Tiger Shroff is a new entrant in the industry and has given just a few films to count on. No doubt the guy has some really good moves for the dance floor but when it comes to acting, we are quite sure that he got his movies only due to his father Jackie Shroff.
  8. Esha Deol
    Esha Deol was recently seen hosting a TV show ‘Roadies’ after a long break from the industry. But even so, we don’t really miss her because she wasn’t the kind who had an impact on the public to last long. On the contrary, her mother Hema Malini is still ruling our hearts.

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