11 Things That Book Lovers Do Which Normal People Don’t Understand. . .

For non-readers, few things can seem “weird” but are perfectly normal obsessions for the book lovers. Meeting a fellow reader generates the same affinity as meeting a new book. Do you feel that too? You connect with other readers spontaneously and find these quirky things normal, even if it’s beyond “normal” for non-readers:

  1. There’s nothing better than a secluded place
    No, we’re not introverts. It’s just that we hate interruptions. When we’re with books, it’s better to leave us in our own world.
  2. There’s something exclusive about books
    Reading a book is similar to taking an ecstasy pill for a hard-core book lover. There’s nothing thrilling about the book adaptions for us. In fact, most of us (book lovers) end up agreeing there was no “charm” in the movie or series as the book.
  3. Nah, e-books are not my type
    Only a bibliophile will say this! For us, paper books are like old scotch, the older, the better! Though we admire the idea of sharing and preserving books through e-books. But, the history behind old papers are more fascinating.
  4. There’s no sentence called “enough books”
    We need books everywhere, from a bathroom to bedroom. And there’s always space for one new book in our room.
  5. Did I miss something?
    We can (sometimes) miss an entire conversation when reading. We don’t mean to be curt, but books open an entirely new world for us. And it’s hard to explain to the non-readers.
  6. No two readers think alike
    We unquestionably agree with Haruki Murakami:
    “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”
  7. It smells so nice!
    Remember when you open an old book? That smell! You can’t resist yourself from bringing that book close to your nose, even if it appears weird to others.
  8. There’s no such thing as favorite book
    We are always enveloped by books; books from different genres, different authors. There’s no bar for readers. And hence, when it comes to boiling down a list of our favorite books, we always fail.
  9. Books are our elixir for life
    From the first page of the book, we live thousands of dreams and emotions. Whether we’re stressed, happy, nervous, afraid or feel nothing at all, books make our jittering nerves calm. We spend entire day and night reading to finish a book.
  10. Our heated arguments are always on books
    Whether it’s our favorite author or book quotes, we can get easily into a heated argument with fellow readers on one or the other occasion. And that’s when those “bookish” sounding lines emerge from our mouth sounding out-of-the-world for non-readers.
  11. WTF! “The Great Gatsby” sold out only for $180,000??
    Okay, we agree! When it comes to books, we’re happy to spend our hard-earned money and some readers don’t mind spending a fortune.

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