17 Hair Color Trends this season. . .

Tired of the same old hair color giving you basic looks? This year is hauled up with the latest trends in hair color that can give you the perfect makeover. From natural blondes to out of the box color combos, balayage to blorange to bronde, it’s all right here for you to figure out which one suits you the best.Go through this list before you hit the salon to get that quirky look.

  1. Balayage
    Balayage has been in the top list and is never getting off it, just extending its versions.
  2. Color Melting
    Color melting is the newest trend that gives a multidimensional look to your hair with multiple tones of color from roots to tips like highlights naturally flowing in your hair.
  3. Metallic
    Metallic tones to your hair is another one trending now, giving a metal like finish to your hair varying in tones.
  4. Brown highlights
    Want to play it safe? Then these effortless brown highlights are your thing with low maintenance.
  5. Rosy locks
    Why go with the global rose gold when you can give it a notch and blend your hair more towards the vanilla shades.
  6. Rose Gold Brunette tips
    For brunettes, you can choose to go for rose-gold highlights giving a bright and beautiful look to your hair.
  7. Platinum Blonde
    Platinum blonde is going to trend this year way too much.
  8. Blorange
    The color of 2017, blonde + orange = Blorange. It’s a color giving shades between blonde and ginger and looks lovely.
  9. Geode Hair
    This amethyst to navy ombre is a new quirky style gentle on hair, giving it a wave.
  10. Subtle Two-tone
    If you like it simple but want to go trendy too, this subtle tone closer to your natural hair shade towards the tips is perfect.
  11. Grombre
    No more worrying about greys. It’s time to show off the classy grey ombre look. The elegant ombre style is a great way to tone down your hair with Greys.
  12. Red Balayage
    It is a perfect fiery mix of Red with a classic balayage trend to give you a hotter edge.
  13. Nude Hair
    This hair color gives a neutral tone to pair up with your skin shade creating all in all a nude look.
  14. Bronde
    A new and never dying shade which will give you a bright blonde look in sunlight and a Chocolate blonde in the night. What else do you need?
  15. Eclipting
    This involves coloring the whole head with a darker base and giving strategic highlights in specific places prominently defining the shape of the hair and contouring the face too.
  16. Compound colors
    This blends an array of tones and colors in a single strand giving it a magical and gradient look.
    It’s a multi-tonal.
  17. Natural looking hair highlights for short hair
    Highlights are never fading away. Give an edgy look to your short hair with natural highlights and make it look interesting.

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