Cool Summer Inspired Work to Happy Hours Outfits. . .

You’re probably drenched in sweat in your clumsy and heavy office clothes. They can be frustrating at times, especially in summers, isn’t it? Instead of scrolling through Netflix, get these outfits (if you don’t have) and dress for a summer-inspired office wear. These OOTDs are cool, chic and tolerable (in fact, skin lovable) for your 9-5 routine:

  1. Striped Pants
    You don’t need to put on those dark tones when it comes to bottoms. Thank God to stripes fashion this year, wearing something as light as cotton pants are like a fresh breeze on the skin. Stripes are not going anywhere out of fashion soon!
    To top it off smoothly, pair it with a ruffled shirt or blouse of your choice. Even something as classic as white and black in this combo form will look nouveau.
  2. Try Paperbag-Waist Pants
    Before you ask “What the hell is that?”, let make it clear that they’re pants with scrunchy waist and tied with a ribbon or belt. Gigi Hadid and Kendall already have them in their summer lists.
    They’re available in khaki trousers and gingham prints too!
  3. Or how about ruffled pants?
    Yes! Ruffles are making the street-style trolls and giving some serious love to fashionistas. To make you more ruffle-inspired, Zara has recently launched ruffle pants and ruffle skinny trousers. They’re super-light, monochromatic and perfect for your any button-down shirt.
  4. Don’t be shy, bae!
    Got a short dress which is equally classy? It can be scary to wear a short dress at the office. There’s luckily the only one simple tip can help you from slipping into a bad outfit day phase:
    Keep your weekend dresses and work dresses separate. Don’t be scared to show off your legs, just keep the shades and prints minimal, or rather classy (and light).
  5. A tee and wide leg crop pants or culottes
    Seriously, these pants are the “most flattering” pants ever to be made! Your favorite tee can look hell sexy with matching wide leg crop pants. Looks even better if one-toned! Just throw some major pops like a pair of bright orange loafers or hot red mules.
  6. Office and beyond
    They’re your best friends for summers. The easy one-and-done outfit for the office. Never thought of wearing a jumpsuit for office? Then try now.
    Keep the fabric restricted to cotton and linen, and deep colors will look perfect for the office. For a feminine touch, go for the open back.
  7. The off-shoulder one
    Ruffles are everywhere! But you know you love it in the off-shoulder form much more. Showing a bit of your feminine side is bold, but exposing the right areas makes you feel sexy and office-appropriate at the same time!
    For this spring, striped ruffled off-the-shoulder shirts and tops are already the hottest trends.
  8. The statement pants
    Want to look a bit of sassy in your office wear? Invest in a pair of statement silk (high) slit pants, period.

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