Songs by A. R. Rahman That Are Featured In Hollywood Movies. . .

A. R. Rahman is the king of music direction and composition in India. From songs like ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ to ‘The Humma Song’ – Remake of ‘Hamma Hamma’ (although the original was also his composition), he has been ruling our hearts for more than 2 decades. And though we knew that Mr. Rahman would make it big, we had little idea about his contribution in the international movies. So, be ready to be shocked because I’m sure you must have seen many of these movies but had little idea about their music director!

  1. ‘Sajna and ‘The waterfall’- Couple’s Retreat
    The lovely song Sajna was written by A.R Rahman and Blaaze, performed by P.J Morton. Rahman did a lot in the background instrumentals. One of the favorites from our list is waterfall, beautifully written and composed.
  2. ‘If I Rise’- 127 Hours
    The magnificent song was nominated for Academy awards too. The song catches the exact feel of the movie. The duo of A.R Rahman and Dido made the song so perfect all together.
  3. ‘Family Pictures’– People Like Us
    This is another wonderful composition by A.R Rahman leaving us speechless. The soundtrack specially enhanced the scenes in the film by its music. The best out of them was the main track – Family pictures. The rest background pieces were also Rahman’s work and worth hearing too.
  4. ‘Warriors in Peace’– Warriors of Heaven And Earth
    Warriors in peace was literally an ear catching sound track. The mixing used by A.R Rahman of different flavors and styles has really given the soundtrack a good effect.
    The song was released in three versions: Mandarin, English, and Hindi.
  5. ‘Alive’ – Provoked
    We definitely could not miss this one. The beautiful track was sung by Karen David and the picturization took it to a whole new level for us.
  6. ‘We could be kings- Never give up’– Million Dollar Arm
    The first time A.R Rahman worked for a sports movie and gave it an Indian as well as Western touch in the song. The song ‘We could be kings’ has the western vibe, sung by KT Tunstall. The other background tracks are amazing as well like the ‘Unborn child’ sung by KS Chithra and ‘Never give up’ is another fabulous one.
  7. ‘O Saya’, ‘Dreams on Fire’, ‘Mausam’ and ‘Jai Ho’– Slumdog Millionaire
    The Oscar award winning film has some beautiful sound tracks composed by A. R. Rahman. Each of them has their own distinctive feels. Every track is a must to hear.
  8. Elizabeth- The Golden Age
    The whole track is a work of brilliance as Rahman lived up to fulfilling the need of a story like Elizabeth.With the perfection of the little orchestral pieces, the song was a perfect symphony.
    He shows his classical side on this track, which is appreciable.

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