Things Women Notice About You in The First Sight. . .

Most of us think that only men notice women. But women notice both men and women. Some women consider checking people out as their hobby, pun intended!! If you are anxious to know what do women judge you on or what are the first things that women notice about you, read on.

  1. Your Dressing
    Women spend a lot of time in maintaining their wardrobes and they definitely notice if the other person has dressed well or not. They love men and women who have good fashion sense and they do not take even a second to judge someone who has a bad fashion sense.
  2. Body odour
    Bad body or mouth odour can turn any women off. Women love good fragrance and they notice men who smell good much faster than someone who does not have a good body odour.
  3. Smile
    We do not know a single woman who doesn’t fall for humour. Every woman want his man to be humorous and smiling. They know that smile is infectious and they adore it.
  4. Your Shoes
    Consider making a good investment on shoes if you are planning to impress women. They believe that if eyes are the window to the soul, then shoes are the window to your style.A right pair of shoes can change the way you look.
  5. Your greeting
    Women fall for men who are warm, caring and greet well. There are only a few things you can do to impress women in your first meet and greeting is for sure one of them. Maintain eye contact and smile.
  6. Eyes
    Many women are suckers for beautiful eyes. They say that eyes tell half the story about a man. Some women love to look into their man’s eye and talk for hours together.
  7. Teeth
    Good teeth compliment a great smile. Women tend to like men with clean and aligned teeth more. Teeth are something that they look at when they are talking, so it becomes important for them to find a guy who has beautiful teeth.
  8. Cleanliness
    Not all women are fussy about cleanliness but most women are. They love seeing a man who is clean and hygienic. They notice if your car is clean or not? They also notice, if your car has the odour or not? But even for women who are not fussy about cleanliness, being clean can take you a long way in setting an impression.
  9. Hair
    Even though this is something that you do not have control. But women like men who have properly styled hair and men who carry different hairstyles and tries different looks.
  10. Your hands
    Really, it matters how you shake hands with a woman. It is advisable to keep your hands moisturized. Rough hands are something women do not want to put up with.

Let us know, what you notice the most in a man when you meet him for the first time.

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