16 Everyday Struggles Only Night Owls Can Understand. . .

Being a night owl is probably the best and the worst thing in the world. While you can work for hours without getting disturbed, it also comes with a heavy price. From getting an early breakfast to having a perfect schedule – almost everything feels like a tedious job. If you are also a night owl like me, then you can certainly understand these everyday struggles.

  1. You feel a little off whenever you go to bed early. It feels like as if the whole wide world is out there while you are resting in our bed.
  2. Even when you somehow force yourself to sleep early, you stay restless in bed. You keep staring at the ceiling for hours, waiting for the night to pass.
  3. Waking up early morning is your biggest nightmare. The thought of rising on time and leaving your bed before 8 scares you to death.
  4. You feel like the rest of the world is not on your clock. It is always you who need to walk an extra mile to work with someone else’s schedule. After all, your 10 pm is their 10 am.
  5. You get your best ideas at an ungodly hour. Unfortunately, you don’t remember either one of them the next morning.
  6. Sometimes you feel like you are the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse. Among your friends and family, you would be the only one awake.
  7. You have a strange love-hate relationship with your alarm. You despise it, but it is the only hope of waking up on time the next day.
  8. According to you, mornings should not exist. After all, you feel heavy-headed almost every morning and can’t seem to function without your daily dose of caffeine.
  9. No one – absolutely no one can understand the importance of midnight snacks more than you.
  10. Your friends can never complain about you – as they always have someone with whom they can have a meaningful conversation at 2 am.
  11. Everyone around you thinks that you sleep for more than 10 hours a day, which isn’t fair at all.
  12. You can’t remember the last time you had a filling breakfast.
  13. You are always afraid of making noise and waking others in the house – even when it is daytime.
  14. You have a crazy schedule that no one can really understand.
  15. Deep within, you resent all those early birds who can wake up with a refreshed mind and are always punctual.
  16. Every day is a race for you and the morning ritual feels like an impossible task.

Nevertheless, against all odds – you get ready and make it to the finish line. Even though you pledge to change your schedule every day, you know it is not going to happen anytime soon. You are a proud night owl and wouldn’t change a bit about it.

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