These Marriage Rituals From Around The World Will Make You Sick. . .

Every community has its own set of rules and beliefs. Every community has a distinctive set of traditions for a wedding which the couples and their families need to perform for the well being. Throwing the flower bouquet or cutting the cake is so common and so loved by the people to do. But there is a lot more to the fun. Rituals are there to discipline, but these below-mentioned ones are weird and funny.

  1. Hitting the groom with a fish- Korea
    Yuk! Before he begins the marital life, he needs to be hit with a bamboo and fish. The Korean people believe that this is lucky.
  2. Showering sickening things on the couple- Scotland
    In this ritual family and friends throw disgusting things on the pair. Garbage, black paint, etc. and tie the couple to a tree. This is done to prove that the couple can overcome all the hurdles.
  3. Crying in advance- China
    In China, the bridegrooms cry in advance for a month for one hour. Through crying, they welcome the good event.
  4. Kissing Party- Sweden
    During the marriage ceremony if the Groom leaves the room then the all the men stand to kiss the bride and if the bride leaves then the ladies stand to kiss the groom.
  5. Dish breaking ceremony- Germany
    The family and relatives bring dishes for the newly wed, and then they break them.
  6. Honeymoon night with mum- Africa
    In Africa, the elder people go with the newly married to their honeymoon site to help them spend their first night.
  7. Not allowed to pee and poo- Borneo
    The newly wed couple is locked up in a room for three days and is not authorised to use the washroom. This brings good luck.
  8. Spitting on the wife- Massai
    Th father of the bride spits on her head and breasts to bless her.
  9. Drinking from Toilet- France
    The couple has to drink soup from a bathroom. The family cleans the area and then dumps the leftover food and drinks in the bathroom.
  10. Smiling prohibited- Congo
    The bride and groom are not allowed to laugh during the entire wedding ceremony. How weird that they cannot smile on their D- Day.
  11. Tying the knot on a gave- Russia
    In Russia, the people choose to wed near a soldier’s tomb to express their love and gratitude towards their country.
  12. Dancing with money- Greece
    In the olden days, the couple did a special dance on their wedding day, and the guests would attach money to their clothes.

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