Your Eyes Won’t Believe That These 15 Unusual Things Exist. . .

The planet earth is filled with a lot of explored and unexplored stuff. There are certain things whose explanation science has, and then there are certain things whose explanation even science does not have. We admire the nature with amazement. The below-listed things are real, and you might not have come across them, and after looking at them, you won’t believe that they are real. But they are not photo shopped and exist on this earth.

  1. Blue Lava
    This lava is found in Indonesia. The colour of the lava is not red because the velocity with which it bursts makes it look blue.
  2. Volcanic Lightning
    This happens when many volcanoes erupt at the same time.
  3. Green Flash
    This happens during the sunrise and sunset.
  4. Butterfly Migration
    This usually occurs in the USA when millions of Butterflies fly and migrate together.
  5. Flowers in dessert
    This is an infrequent situation when one can see flowers in a desert. This happens after rain.
  6. Black Sun
    This is not the real sun, but these are European starling birds.
  7. Steam Towers
    They are gas and steam coming out from fumaroles. This is a mesmerising view.
  8. Crab Migration
    Every creature needs a change. When crabs migrate to the ocean, this is how it looks. Beautifully weird.
  9. White Rainbow
    The whole rainbow theory seems wrong here but don’t worry people this is just regular fog.
  10. Ice strings
    They look like hair, cotton, thread, etc. This is water which froze due to some effect of bacteria.
  11. Frozen flower
    This reminds me the Disney Movie, “Frozen”. Due to the variation in temperature near the poles side these type of structure can be witnessed and misunderstood as the white flower. But they are stunning.
  12. Rainbow tree
    This is an Australian Eucalyptus which has the quality of many colors.

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