The Creepiest GIFs Are Live Now, and They Will Make You Flinch. . .

They are uncanny, and they might create an inner turmoil inside you. I am not scaring you, but I am sure after you read this whole article you will be enlightened with a lot of new knowledge.

  1. This is how the whole mechanism of teeth alignment works. The working of braces is now sorted.

  2. Now, this is amazing. Helmet concealing!

  3. This created an urge in me to get inked. Isn’t it looking splendid? Slow motion inking in the process!
  4. I don’t have words for this! This is amazing me at every level. The working of a warship cannon.

  5. Have you ever noticed it? Enjoyed the cool breeze and now enjoy seeing it’s working as well.

  6. Behind the scenes of Superman. It takes a lot of effort.

  7. How a bullet leaves its home is mesmerizing to witness.

  8. How various birds fly and how it looks! You can thank me later for this. Meanwhile read ahead

  9. Man, I can play it on loop. This is magical. The working of a sewing machine needle

  10. This is soul satisfying. The zipper theory!


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