These Wikipedia Pages Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. . .

The content which you will read below might make your shift uncomfortably. They are scary and might not let you sleep today. Hold your heart and read. If I could manage to write it, you too can read it.

Good Luck

  1. Katherine Knight
    She sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. What did she do which made the court take that decision? She murdered her husband and cooked him. She cut his body parts and named them.
  2. Spontaneous human combustion
    This straight away means that a person explodes out of nowhere. There is no fire, no bomb, no gas, nothing.
  3. Armin Meiwes
    He ate a man. Yes, he did. He did it in a literary way. He posted that he wanted to eat a man and shockingly a man replied. What was so wrong with these two only the supreme power knows!
  4. Salish Sea human foot discoveries
    In 2001, detached feet of people were seen on the sea shore of Salish. A total of sixteen feet were found. My mind is not letting me believe all this.
  5. Karla Homolka
    She seems to be from another world. She married a rapist, and the story does not end here. After tying the knots with him, she helped him rape and murder three other women and one of them was her sister.
  6. Exploding Head Syndrome
    The heading must have told the story. In this condition the head of a person bursts. I did not even know that something of this type exists.
  7. McStay family murder
    The whole family was reported dead in their own house, and the important thing is after the police investigated the matter they did not find anything.
  8. The Toy-Box Killer
    He killed sixty women, and there is no proof. Before killing them, he sexually abused them in a chamber with his expensive toys which were saws, chains, whips, etc. Terrible!
  9. Murder of James Bulger
    He was kidnapped from a shopping mall when he was ten years old. The murderers destroyed his body so badly that the forensic team could not find the actual cause of death. His body was found near a railway track.

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