These Fountains Will Bring Your Soul At Ease. . .

They are magnanimous

These majestic fountains from around the world will leave you in bewilderment. You might be fortunate if you have ever got a chance to visit them. The view is marvellous. Below is a list of the fountain on which the artists have shown the creativity of different level. The features that they possess will leave you in awe. These are marvellous human-made sculptures.

  1. Water Boat Fountain, Spain
    OH! OH! OH! This is so wonderful! This is an illusion which makes you believe that the sculpture is actually in water sailing.
  2. Osaka Station Fountain, Japan
    This fountain at the Osaka station is astonishing. This is a fountain, but it seems that it a digital flower art moving. This project was lead by a local firm which used projectors to project the art on water.
  3. The Mustangs of Las Colinas, USA
    This fountain has historical significance. This was designed by Robert Glen. This signifies the life of the tribal people of Texas who always moved for their living. The fountain gives the view of splashing water. This fountain was inaugurated in 1984.
  4. Banpo Bridge, South Korea
    This bridge is a proud holder of a world record for holding 10,000 led lights. This is Seoul’s star. The bridge pumps 190 tonnes of water every minute.
  5. Magic Tap, Spain
    Magic? Well, it is science. There is a pipe which supports the tap. But still, it is so wondrous!
  6. Charybdis, UK
    It reminds me of the beaker found in the chemistry labs. The sculptor was William Pye. This Whirlpool shaped fountain is a treat for eyes. It is in England in Seaham Hotel and SPA. This masterpiece is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.
  7. Giant- Austria
    The image says it all. This structure is at the gate of the museum, Swarovski Crystal Worlds. This structure is covered with grass which gives it a touch of realism.
  8. Nine Floating Fountains, Japan
    Oh My God! This is majestic. This is classic. This structure was built in 1970 for an international expo. If you look at them from a distance then they look like they are floating in the air.
  9. Trevi Fountain, Italy
    This is one of the most popular fountains in the entire world. This is in Italy and was designed by an Italian architect Nicola Salvi. This fountain can be seen in many notable Hollywood films.

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