7 Bollywood Inspired Haircuts that Became a Trend. . .

There were many times when movies brought a fashion revolution among common people. People wanted to mimic the look donned by the character in the movie. Here are some of those examples.

  1. Salman – Tere Naam
    Tere Naam is a movie that is much remembered for Salman’s look, basically his haircut. His look became so famous that there were boys who chose to grow their hair, demanding the same hairstyle. It was around 2003, the year when this movie was released, that many Radhe (Salman Khan’s Character) were spotted in various parts of the country.
  2. Amir Khan – Gajini
    Undoubtedly, Gajini was a super hit movie for its story. Another hit thing that the movie had was the Gajini’s look in the movie. Soon after Gajini was released, many boys were spotted carrying the same look.
  3. Saif Ali Khan – Hum Tum
    Hum Tum was a movie that tried to showcase extremely modern and lighthearted romantic comedy. This movie depicted Saif Ali Khan, with a messy haircut, as a cool dude of that time. It sure became a craze among young boys.
  4. Amir Khan – Mangal Pandey
    As the movie Mangal Pandey beautifully picturized India’s first fight for freedom, it had to be special in terms of characters’ looks. Amir Khan sported a thick moustache and grew his hair for this movie. The look became so trendy that a lot of men mimicked the same look.
  5. Kajol – Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
    Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – this movie was a ranging trend back then for so many reasons. One of them was the tom boy look that was given to Anjali (Kajol’s character in the movie). Many girls took the style tips from the movie.
  6. Shahid Kapoor – Udta Punjab
    This crime comedy-drama film is loosely based on and revolves around the drug abuse by the youth population in the Indian state of Punjab and the various conspiracies surrounding it. This movie gave major hairstyle goals to men.
  7. Katrina Kaif – Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani
    It was in this movie that Katrina Kaif looked none other than a doll. She was seen wearing a cute look with straight hair and hairband on.

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