9 Trendy Eye Glasses to Try On This Season. . .

Once upon a time, eye glasses were a necessity more than an accessory. But now with the change in time and fashion over the years, eye glasses have become a trend. Be it, Men or Women, it’s a trend for both the genders equally. So next time you suit up, don’t miss out your new eye wears to give yourself a fresh vibe.
To help you with the right selection of eye glasses which would go with your face type and characters, we are here with the latest trendy eye glasses that have been trending this season.

  1. Invisible frames
    These Invisible or Clear frames are so adjustable that they can literally go with anything and everything. No particulars needed, just wear them to add a subtle style to your look and you’re good to go.
  2. Round Frames
    Round frames are beautiful and simple. To not make it look too edgy, you can choose a little pointed ones towards the corners, or thinner frame lines. Round glasses are a symbol for creative people.
  3. A Subtle Cat Eye
    Suits square shaped or wider faces, these cat eye frames are especially looking out for all girls out there, with a dramatic and sexy look. Cat-eyes define an independent woman who knows what she wants.
  4. Optical Aviators
    The current craze is all about these thin rimmed, retro style frames. These give your face a wonderful retro look and can go on any face shape totally. The dainty wire rims steal all the attention.
  5. Thick Square Frames
    These square frames are the trendiest frames for 2017. You can use them to look stylish, creative or geeky, either ways it would suit your personality. They go for both men and women and are one of the favourites. So go free, go stylish and grab the hipster square rimmed glasses.
  6. Tortoise Shell / Horn Rimmed Glasses
    The current in trend eye wears suitable for both men and women and is a great option for your fall/winter season to match up the outfit. Also, the variety of Dapper frames in it can give men a masculine yet stylish look, perfect for office wears. It also has the thin rimmed sleek style eye glasses variety, especially for women with a classic keyhole bridge inspired from English style.
  7. Browline Glasses
    These cool and elegant frames are the combination of browline glasses and round eyeglasses.
    Suited for both men and women, available in the round as well as rectangular shape. These trendy glasses are classy and enhance your professional look.
  8. Thick Rimmed Oval Frames
    The thick oval shaped glasses are for those women out there who aren’t afraid to show the world their real personality with the kick-ass interesting trend of these oval shaped frames.
  9. Oversized Glasses
    The recent come back of the over sized eye wears is in trend and taking over the styles.
    These unisex eye wear are good to go for geeky or rough looks giving a cool edge to your overall style.

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