10 Things for Which Women Should Stop Asking Apologies for. . .

Sorry, I have a question.”
“Sorry, I can’t fit into this dress”
“Sorry, I’m on my periods.”
Apology, not every time starts with “sorry”. Though there are instances when you genuinely need to apologize. That does not mean you feel sorry for things which are right or true. Mind it, lady! Never say sorry for these things:

  1. Being smart
    We often hear women around us saying “My apologies for sounding intelligent” or “I’m sorry, but I have a question”. Using such words does not make you appear confident or professional. Instead, it sounds as if you’re minimizing your contribution.
  2. For being YOU
    Whether it’s our body or our mind, we feel sorry for ourselves. Small or large, it does not matter, it’s your body. Accept it the way it is, don’t let anyone (except your doctor) tell you how healthy or unhealthy you are.
  3. To put yourself first
    Making yourself priority does not make you selfish. You need love, space, happiness, and fun, just like others.
    Don’t feel distressed for embracing yourself!
  4. For being successful
    You’ve worked hard and you deserve that promotion! If you consider your promotion as just another ‘incidence’, chances are you’re not serious about your career.
    Most men wouldn’t apologize for being promoted. If you can’t own your success, then don’t get promoted!
  5. Being independent
    Your sister might have a lovely family of two children and a husband. But, why you should feel pity for yourself for being single?
    Leading an independent life (even if married), working out your own success and staying happy requires efforts! Don’t settle for something you don’t like, just because you’re a woman.
  6. For being honest and emotional
    Being blunt and honest may hurt sometimes, but you know it’s good for you. Feeling stressed? Or crying while watching a movie? It’s just another emotion.
    That’s completely normal!
  7. For looking the way you want
    If you want to look sexy, go for it (even if you’re spending time picking your grocery)! Being a woman, you don’t need to “dress” the way the world feels.
  8. For working hard
    “You’re a woman. Don’t work so late.” Does your gender impact your job? Whether you stay at home or have desk work, your business should be strictly your own choice.
    Time spent on your work is your decision.
  9. For not keeping home crystal clean
    “My apology, my room is such a mess!” It’s okay for a man’s room to be ugly, so why you’re being harsh on yourself? Sometimes you’re super-busy with life and work, it’s okay if your home does not always look clean.
  10. For having opinion
    If someone does not respect your opinion as you’re a woman, cut that person out from your life.
    You’ve got your own experiences, which helps you make an opinion. So, don’t be afraid to have opinions.

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