Bollywood Celebs Who Look Like Their Moms. . .

It’s pretty cool to look like your mom, especially when she’s gorgeous! And when it comes to Bollywood, these celebs have got some pretty high score on looks, all thanks to their lovable mothers. Here’s a list which lets you know that you’re not the only cute one who looks like her/his mother:

  1. Mama’s boy, Ranbir Kapoor:
    This B-town actor with a sweet devilish smile, that makes any girl drool! You may want to compare him with his father, who was equally handsome and popular in his yesteryears. But after a closer look, it’s his mother Neetu Singh, whose genes have made him unfathomably cute. After all, he’s the “Mama’s boy”!
  2. The graceful diva, Soha Ali Khan:
    Perhaps, they’re the best mother-daughter duo in the B-town. Soha Ali Khan has got all her mother’s sharp and mesmerizing features. They have proved many times, that it’s hard to tell who’s who when they dress alike! Of course, there’s no match for the “Gulaabi” girl Sharmila Tagore (just saying!).
  3. The Munna Bhai of Bollywood, Sanjay Dutt:
    It may not strike a resemblance at first, but if you look carefully, Sanjay Dutt has got almost same facial features as her mother, Nargis. Nargis, the eternal beauty diva was one of the most beautiful actresses to ever happen to Bollywood. Yes, he does look like his father, but his face reminds of Nargis, isn’t it?
  4. Mrs. Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna:
    An interior designer, author, producer and former actress. Now, this versatility of Twinkle Khanna surely has been inherited from both of her parents Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia. But she has got her twinkly looks from her mother, Dimple, who is equally beautiful even today and gives her daughter competition sometimes!
  5. The bubbly Alia Bhatt:
    She’s just 24, and have set the Bollywood on fire already. This multifaceted Bollywood actress has got her sharp wits from her father Mahesh Bhatt, but she owes her innocent looks to her mother, Soni Razdan. BTW, Soni Razdan is a German born in Britain. Now you know, where Alia got those looks from!
  6. Esha Deol & The Dream Girl of Bollywood:
    Some star kids might not have name, fame and all. Esha Deol tried her luck in B-town, but as we know, she’s not as lucky as her siblings. Though she’s got some striking looks from her mother Hema Malini, who needs no introduction, does she?
  7. The talent house, Smita Patil and Prateik Babbar:
    Prateik Babbar might have to walk that extra mile to stand in the shoes of her mother, but not for looks. The actor’s sharp jawline, oblong face, and deep eyes are the exact copy of her mother Smita Patil, one of the most talented Bollywood actresses to ever forget.

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