12 Things That Best Describe Hostel Life Of Every Student. . .

Living away from home in a hostel is not easy. But it sure becomes the most memorable time of our life when we look back at it. Hostel life in India comes with loads of rules and they are easier understood than obeyed. Clearly, every hosteler wants to have the best of his days as a student so they often come up with cool hacks to make the most of it. Here are 12 things that describe the amazing hostel life and we bet you can surely relate to them –

  1. Your room is your own stadium if your favorite Football club or Cricket team is playing. It can pretty much become a battleground if any person in the room supports the opposition team.
  2. Empty liquor bottles everywhere! Yes, that’s what hostel rooms look like. In the case of the warden coming for an inspection, they get moved to all the hideouts at a lightning speed.
  3. We survive on Maggi. We have probably become a pro in making Maggi in 101 ways.
  4. Hostel mess is actually a mess. Since you have eaten there, you are immune to any kind of food now. Tasty food pretty much becomes ‘once in a blue moon’ concept and your digestive system has learned to live with the mess food.
  5. Wi-Fi is your life. It is your everything to get through the hostel life, however, slow it is.
  6. You have learned many sorts of jugaads by now. For instance, you can iron your shirt without an iron. How? Well, a saucepan and hot water will do the trick.
  7. You know alternative uses of hair dryer such as express drying your socks.
  8. Since everyone is perennially hungry in hostel and mess do have timings, we invent other ways to cook such as this one. Making a mini grill by placing an aluminum foil on the iron to cure your midnight hunger pangs.
  9. You have nicknames for everyone in the hostel from the warden to the watchman.
  10. Don’t have a mirror? Well, the webcam is always there to your rescue for a neat shave.
  11. Insomnia comes naturally to us. After all, how will we finish the collection of countless movies and Netflix series.
  12. We cherish the little joys in the hostel. Even the tiniest ones!

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