These Indian Despacito Covers Are Rocking The Internet. . .

Despacito is a global hit. You cannot stop yourself to sway on its music. The song went live on January thirteen 2017, and since then it has become a party hit. The original song has the voice of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. These days the success of a song is directly proportional to the number of covers and unplugged versions produced. Despacito fans have highly reproduced the song and among the Indian versions are worth listening. Listeners have been following this song like crazy, and the Indian versions are a treat to the ears. This Spanish American song with a desi tadka is worth giving time.

We have compiled a list of such remakes-

  1. Despacito- Indian Classical Version

    Two young musicians Parveen Parthapan and Janan Sathiendran recreated the song with flute and table, which have a great significance in the Indian Music Industry.

  2. Despacito- Hindi Version

    Srushti Barlewar sang this remake version. She graced the song with her enchanting voice and used Spanish and Hindi. The best part about this song is that her home was her recording studio.

  3. Despacito- Desi Version

    This is a cover by V Minor. It will force you to sway on its tune. Instruments like the table, harmonium, guitar, etc. have been used which play a very influential role in the Indian Classical Music Industry. These six boys are slaying it musically.

  4. Despacito x Suit Suit x Naja

    Now this young chap has mixed the original track with a Punjabi track. Aksh Baghla has nailed it. His voice is mesmerising. He seems amateur, but his efforts did not go in vain.

  5. Despacito- Hindi Remix by SAMAA

    They set my screen on fire with their amazing performance. Their killer moves, cute faces and spellbinding voice left me speechless.


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