10 Type of People on Facebook Who Always Keep on Complaining About it!. . .

It’s just a long, flowery, wall post. And there is an angry political message on the left side. Someone has already posted dozens of selfies for you to “like”. Wait, there’s a troll over the Facebook status. From articles to news, and selfies to posts, you get everything and meet every kind on Facebook. Though it was meant for interaction, some people just don’t leave a chance to complain about Facebook (on Facebook):

  1. It’s written, right here!
    Well, yes, lady. The article which you just read on Facebook that “GST is the next big beast” turns out to be fake. If you think everything written on Facebook is fake, then why do you think the Internet has the “correct” information?
  2. The “fake” types
    Ever met those Facebook users who always complain how their Facebook page is clogged with useless crap? Please clear your mind, and your “like” list. Don’t you think whatever you “see” on Facebook, comes back to you?
  3. The selfie haters
    Either they’re just jealous about your selfies or think that they’re too busy to crawl down your selfies. Out of posts, articles, videos, and everything else, they can only focus on selfies. But get this in your head: Facebook is also a photo-sharing platform!
  4. Facebook is passe
    Okay, these “special” kind of people love to throw their Snap chat stories on you, share their Instagrams, and return to Facebook every day to let the world know that Facebook is a cliched platform. Why? They can’t shout this on other platforms!
  5. Please, stop sharing
    They’re the anti-Facebook folks who want to warn you about the disadvantages of using Facebook, starting from hacking your Facebook password to your possessions being stolen. And how do they spread the word? They Facebook it (WTF!).
  6. Can you please stop using them?
    They’ve got 404 on using hashtag over Fb, and can’t withstand Fb lingo. For them just one advice: Update yourself!
  7. The stalkers
    These hybrids want to stalk their favorites on Facebook, or the girl sitting opposite to you. But, thanks to Facebook algorithms, these complainers can’t stalk or follow you. And then, they lose it on Facebook.
  8. The mindless admirers
    They’re everywhere on the Facebook. They simply want to get into an argument because it’s trending. Say someone is trolling over Justin Bieber’s latest lip-sync in India. And his Facebook status: “Listening Despacito featuring Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber”.
  9. Your older relatives
    They complain that Facebook is too complicated for them to use. You can often hear them saying “You’re always on Facebook”, “Facebook is unsafe”, etc. They just don’t realize what they’re babbling about.
  10. The swanky
    They use Facebook to flaunt their deep pockets. Yet they complain Facebook is full of braggers. And hence, they prefer Twitter over Facebook.

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