10 Emma Watson quotes that proves she’s a real star. . .

It’s never easy to be yourself. But it’s always more fun and beyond redemption to say and do what you truly believe. Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, a British actress, model, and an activist has always been an inspiration for her fans. Here are the ten quotes by Emma Watson that are to live by (and proves that she’s a real star!):

  1. It’s always, love over money
    Recently, on 16th July 2017 Emma lost one of her most “prized possession” and pleaded her fans to help her:
    “Were these just any rings I could accept this, but one of the them was a gift from my Mum. She bought it the day after I was born and wore it for 18 years, never taking it off, and then gave it to me for my 18th birthday. I wear this ring everyday, it is my most meaningful and special possession.”
  2. It’s time to re-vamp our “princess” definition
    “When I finished the film, it kind of felt like I had made that transition into being a woman on-screen,” she says. Belle is “absolutely a Disney princess, but she’s not a passive character—she’s in charge of her own destiny.”
  3. Being famous is always not easy
    “You can’t go to the pharmacy without someone saying, ‘Hey, you’re the girl from Harry Potter!’ and I’m like ‘Yeah! Just buying tampons, see you in a bit!’”
  4. Being YOU
    “Becoming yourself is really hard and confusing, and it’s a process. It’s often not cool to be the person who puts themselves out there.”
    “I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”
  5. Being sexy
    “My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.”
  6. Putting yourself together
    “But it’s a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.”
  7. Embrace your “girly” side
    “I don’t have perfect teeth, I’m not stick thin. I want to be the person who feels great in her body and can say that she loves it and doesn’t want to change anything.”
    “The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.”
    “Girls should never be afraid to be smart.”
  8. There’s no harm in being “unperfect”
    “Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love.”
  9. Believe in yourself
    “It’s not the absence of fear. It’s overcoming it. Sometimes you’ve got to blast through and have faith.”
    “Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do or achieve. Do what you want to do and be who you want to be.”
  10. Raise your hands for “HeForShe”
    “If you want to run for Prime Minister, you can. If you don’t, that’s wonderful, too. Shave your armpits, don’t shave them, wear flats one day, heels the next; We want to empower women to do exactly what they want.”
    “Here’s what I think. Feminism is not here to dictate to you. It’s not prescriptive, it’s not dogmatic. All we are here to do is give you a choice.”

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