Why Being Single in Your 30s is Not Bad at All. . .

Of course, it’s easier for men to feel OK about being single in their 30s. But, for “her”, it’s always an exaggerated statement. It’s not your fault, it’s the way society compels women to feel, about being single. Seriously, women can easily hit 30 in search of sane partners, just like men. So, why not enjoy your single time until tying the knot? Here’s why being single in your 30s is always awesome:

  1. Dating is serious now
    Yes, your dating book now has some serious criteria. You’re way better at dating than in your 20s, isn’t it? You’ve passed through all those emotional fluffs and can now look straight into someone’s eyes to know whether he’s genuine or not.
    Don’t worry, you’ll find a partner soon if you want. But till then, you know what you are and what you want. Kinda easy for pre-screenings, right?
  2. You don’t need a company (for everything)
    Whether it’s shopping, a birthday party or traveling to another end of the world, you’re pretty comfortable being on your own. Surely, that doesn’t make you a loner. It’s just that you’re confident to face anything by yourself.
    There are people who can’t do anything without a partner. They’re always dependent on someone. Life is unpredictable and long, anything can happen. Hence, flying solo is always a good sign of being sane.
  3. Friends, not as per our convenience
    How many friends you have on your list that you made in your 20s? That being said, we make friends as per our “convenience” when we are in our 20s. We depart, start our “adult” lives and only a few of us make efforts to stay connected. And if you’ve got them, you’re lucky!
    It can be little tough to make friends in your 30s, as you’ll aware about investing your time and heart in it. That’s when we make friends, as per our “preference”.
  4. Reality gets under your skin
    Maybe you wanted to have children in your 30s. But, after seeing your friend juggling between work and babies, you re-think on it. We always wish for something, every day, until the reality hit hard upon us.
    We know that we’re single for our own choice. You can see through others’ mistakes. And that’s when you feel relieved to accept the reality and have a clear head.
  5. You have the luxury to be YOU
    Being an unattached 30 something also means being in good health, being savvy and have financial sources. Your friend invited you to the Tokyo trip? Getting a new car? Everything is easy to decide upon. You’re free to eat pizza as dinner or dining out with your girlfriends.
    Move to a new country, watch Netflix whole day or clean whenever you want. You’ve got freedom to do anything major or minor without affecting anyone. You can change your life, anytime you want!

So, what are you reasons to love your 30-something-self? Don’t forget to share!

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