Indian Stand Up You Tube Artists Who Have Raised The Bar Of Comic Industry. . .

Who doesn’t like a hearty laugh once in a while? With our busy schedules and routine lives, all of us want to get ourselves relaxed and have some fun. Well, these stand-up comedians have the art of giving you exactly this! Here is a list of stand up comedians whom you should follow right away, to give yourself the much-needed break!

  1. Biswa Kalyan Rath

    Biswa Kalyan Rath, along with Kanan Gill, is the man behind ‘Pretentious Movie Review’. It was a show on YouTube which brought enough popularity to these two. Biswa has a comic timing which no one can beat and he even got featured in 9 gag for his video on introverts!

  2. Abish Mathew

    Abish is an actor/ musician born in Noida and a part of the stand-up comedy world for quite a few years. Known for his funny enactments, song lyrics, and memes, Abish has gained further popularity with his show on YouTube ‘Son of Abish’.

  3. Aditi Mittal

    Aditi Mittal is one of the first women to do stand-up comedy and she is smarter than any of us could ever be! Aditi has the art of spreading awareness by adding humor to the important issues. Along with this, she is a great writer too.

  4. Kanan Gill

    Kanan Gill is the other half of ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’. Even after having an engineering degree, Kanan realized his call from stand-up comedy after he won a local competition in Bangalore called the Punchline Bangalore. He has also been a part of a sketch comedy show, ‘The Living Room’ on Comedy Central.

  5. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

    Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is one of those comedians who makes people laugh by cracking self-implicated jokes. His performances are generally inspired by daily conversations, quirky monologues, and peculiar situations; something all of us can relate to.

  6. Sorabh Pant

    Sorabh Pant has not only been rated for his open mic events or stand-up comedy but he had been rated as one of the top twitter users in 2012. Sorabh has a bold personality (even though his voice doesn’t support it) and does not fear to talk about the most disputed issues.

  7. Zakir Khan

    Zakir Khan rose to an instant fame after he won Comedy Central’s ‘India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian’. He has a very typical MP accent which seems to act in his favor in all his performances. He is a writer too and currently working with AIB for their show ‘On Air With AIB’

  8. Varun Thakur

    Varun Thakur is another one from the list of both great comedians and actors. He has a YouTube channel called SnG and is mostly seen there.

  9. Kenny Sebastian

    He is one of the cutest comedians out there! He took up stand-up comedy after winning the ‘Stand-Up Comedy Festival’ at IIT Fest, Mumbai. He started with making special effect videos on YouTube and eventually, won all our hearts!

  10. Vir Das

    Vir Das is like the God of stand-up comedians. Very few people know that before entering the Bollywood industry, Vir Das has already given almost a 100 stand-up performances! In fact, some of his comedy specials were written, directed and acted by him!

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