Things From ‘Gossip Girl’ We Wish Happened In Real Life. . .

Every girl who has seen the TV show ‘Gossip Girl’ has it on the top of their lists when it comes to glamour, drama, controversies, and fashion! The show talks about the lifestyle of people in the Upper East Side of New York City and after watching it, all of us had only one thing in mind- to live the life of Blair and Serena for once. Here’s a list of all the things that every girl would want to experience once in real life!

  1. Our personal ‘Dorota’
    No matter how much she helped Blair with her stupid plans, she never left the people she was faithful to. The maid was always available at Blair’s service and understood her emotions better than a friend could.
  2. Annual sleepover like Blair’s
    All of us plan sleepovers with our friends but you got to be really lucky to be a part of Blair’s kind of sleepover. The martinis, chocolate truffles, fluffy mattresses and a whole lot of mean dares would make you realize the high potential of these sleepovers.
  3. Gossip-Girl-like blog
    Imagine the amount of entertainment that one would get out of such blogs! However disastrous it may sound, it can spice up our boring lives and bring in the gossip of all the people we know around.
  4. Serena’s wardrobe
    Serena had the potential to literally make us drool over all her outfits. From the dresses to all the shoes and bags, Serena had the wardrobe of a real life princess
  5. Limos at call
    There are different levels of luxury you see in real life and on TV. But the one where you have Limos only a call away have to top that list. Let’s hope to marry a Prince like Blair did and get that one come true!
  6. Minions at our disposal
    No matter how mean it sounds, having a minion can make your life so easy. All you need to do is learn the art of getting work done by your minion and not getting your hands dirty!
  7. Running off to random fancy vacations
    All of us feel the need to take a break from our everyday life and go for a small trip. But having the freedom of going to a different city just with a friend (or even alone) while you are a college going kid seems like a distant dream to us!
  8. Masquerade balls
    We know these Masquerade balls were like an invitation to disaster, with all the misunderstandings and scandals, but keeping the all that aside, the grandeur of it all would take you in an awe! All of us need to experience it at least once in our lives.
  9. A boyfriend as perfect as Chuck!
    Chuck started off as an asshole but in the process of winning Blair, he took over our hearts too! And now who would not want a boyfriend who travels all the way to Paris just to get his girlfriend her favourite macaroons! He did set some serious boyfriend goals for us!

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