LOL! Surprising facts about Farting!. . .

Farting on rather a serious note, reveals many facts about your health. Think men and women have different farting habits? Or why you just can’t stop yourself from destroying the air (LOL!)? There’s a reason, my friend! As funny as it sounds, this one weird habit that all of us have in common is something not as gross as it sounds. Read on to know more!

  1. Why do you fart??
    Call it flatulence, passing wind or gas, or farting. It is a natural process of your body through which you pass out gas from the intestine through the anus.
  2. No, you can’t stop yourself from farting.
    You can stop farting only when you stop eating or drinking. WTF! Yes, when we eat or drink, we swallow air. Also, when the food gets digested, it produces gas in the intestine, which needs to released out from the body, and that’s flatulence.
  3. Is it normal to fart?
    Why the heck it should be abnormal? Sometimes, they’re just harmless and unnoticed (thank god!) and sometimes, smelly! It depends on your eating habit. Spicy food, onions, oily food, and sodas are the culprits to blame!
  4. That reminds something…
    Do you know there’s a fart pill named “Father Christmas” that makes your fart smell like chocolate?
  5. I can’t smell it
    Ever bothered why your own fart does not bother you? That’s because just like our fingerprints, our farts are unique too! The bacterial composition of each individual is different. You don’t feel nauseated by your own fart just because it smells similar to your nose.
  6. Don’t feel ashamed girl!
    Ever got flatulence after or during sex? Or after a heavy workout? The “vaginal flatulence” is somewhat like normal farts but often odorless, and it’s completely healthy. If it’s stinky, consult a doctor ASAP!
  7. Wait, do women fart?
    Absolutely! In fact, women’s flatulence smells worse than men as females have more concentrated sulfurs in their bodies (not to blame for!).
  8. Don’t hold it in there!
    Sometimes, we’re caught in the middle of something and don’t want the world to know about our little break-the-gas joy. Many of us have surely tried to stop it but failed miserably.
    That’s because, our body needs to get that gas out anyhow. It will either leave silently and slowly or just come out as a tumultuous hell-like blow!
  9. What if someone never farts?
    Okay, they might be true, partly. The frequency of flatulence depends on various factors like food, air, eating habits, and so forth.
    But, it does not mean you never fart. You probably would fart sometimes, while sleeping, if not while awake.
  10. If you’re good at smelling them, you can land a job!
    Yes, you can earn a whopping amount of money by using your rarest skill. In China, fart-specialists are paid more than $50,000 yearly, as farts are the indicators of several ailments. Hence, in ancient Chinese medicine practice, smelling farts are actually helping someone live healthily.
    (But you have to go through vigorous training, and your nose should definitely work precisely)

So, laugh out, crack a joke and don’t feel ashamed on your flatulence anymore!

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