These Wedding Day Mishaps Will Break Your Heart Completely. . .

Some things are not in anyone’s control, but if those some things happen on your red letter day, then things turn ugly. Even if you plan things in the most organised way, still you can not predict what will happen at the time when you are executing your plan. It can rain on a dry September day, or you can fall sick on your birthday.

These wedding day disasters are humiliating and became a laughing stock for everyone.

  1. This is how they entered their wedding ceremony with a tumble
  2. What a toss man!
  3. Probably the goose did not approve of the wedding
  4. Woah! I hope they did not get hurt
  5. Oops! Watch your step girl
  6. The ring is a little notorious it seems
  7. Hey! Do it privately dude!
  8. Was it jump off the cart ritual? LOL
  9. Smoothly slipping
  10. Stumbling with that dress!
  11. I can’t stop laughing after seeing this
  12. Oh Boy!
  13. Dear she is not a doll!
  14. No! No! No!

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