Reasons Why Reality Shows are NOT For Kids. . .

Protect you children from the “unreality” of the reality shows!

The reality shows are a strict NO for children. Children of age below 14 have a tender mind and the harsh facts of the reality shows that are broadcasted on the television can have negative effects during their developmental stages. They lose their innocence at a very little age.

  1. When children are asked to participate in the reality shows, they generally get exploited and overworked.
  2. The reality shows create too much of pressure on the tender minds of the kids.
  3. When the little ones lose their position on a show, all the cameras trying to capture his expression of failure lowers the self-esteem of the child.
  4. Being on such shows make the kids away from their parents and friends. Their normal life gets hampered.
  5. Putting children into serious situations can have repercussions in forms of violence that can change their lives forever.
  6. With the media puts pressure during the reality shows, the little ones tend to act more like teenagers losing their innocent beauty.

Children should always be kept safe and within a definite boundary. Parents who project their children to reality shows often have an agenda of bagging money, keeping the child’s safety at a secondary level.

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