Popular Wives and Girlfriends of Famous Indian Cricketers. . .

They say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”. And what better proof can we have than looking at the lives of our Indian cricketers. It’s a sport that takes up most of their time and energy and in the meantime, their ladies have been a support that all of us wish to have for ourselves. Here is a list of all such women, who have been a backbone to the guys and helped them make it this far!

  1. Anushka Sharma- Virat Kohli’s girlfriend
    Anushka Sharma, one of the leading actress of Bollywood, and Virat Kohli, the new captain of the Indian cricket team, have been together on an ‘on-and-off basis’ for a long time now. But we love to see them together and hope things go well for them.
  2. Hazel Keech- Yuvraj Singh’s wife
    Hazel Keech is an actress from the Bollywood industry and married Yuvraj Singh in 2017 itself. All of us were aware of the bag of talent that she was after the song ‘Aa Ante Amlapuram’ and still continues to do so. Their wedding was the kind which is still a topic of discussion.
  3. Geeta Basra- Harbhajan Singh’s wife
    Geeta Basra is a model cum actress who got married to Harbhajan Singh in October 2015. The couple had a great wedding and everyone was charmed by the grace that Geeta Basra carried herself with.
  4. Ayesha Mukherjee- Shikhar Dhawan’s wife
    She is one of the most glamorous Indian cricketer’s wives that we have seen so far. Even after taking a good look at her, no one can say that Ayesha Mukherjee is 12 years older than Shikhar Dhawan and is the mother of 3 kids!
  5. Sakshi Singh- Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s wife
    Now the coolest and the most bubbly wives’ award definitely goes to the wife of our cool ex-captain! The crux of their relationship and a major part of Dhoni’s love life with Sakshi Singh has been covered beautifully in M S Dhoni’s biopic- ‘M S Dhoni- The Untold Story’
  6. Dipika Pallikal- Dinesh Karthik’s wife
    These two are the ‘sports couple’ where Dinesh Kartik is a cricketer and his wife Dipika Pallikal is a squash player. The two got married in November 2015 and are happily together since then.
  7. Prithi Narayanan- Ravichandran Ashwin’s wife
    Childhood sweethearts, Prithi Narayanan and Ashwin got married in November 2011. Though Prithi hardly makes a public appearance, she is truly supportive towards her husband on all the occasions we have seen her in so far!
  8. Natasha Jain- Gautam Gambhir’s wife
    Natasha Jain and Gautam Gambhir are another pair of childhood sweethearts and tied the knot in October 2011. The two have complementary natures where Gautam is the reserved kind and Natasha is outgoing; which makes them perfect for each other.
  9. Ritika Sajdeh- Rohit Sharma’s wife
    Ritika Sajdeh was working as the sports manager of Rohit Sharma when they fell in love. Ritika and Rohit got married in December 2015 and they make a beautiful couple together!

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