11 Indian Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids. . .

Adoption has never been easy in this country, yet celebrities have proved to stand up and fight for what they want and successfully start a family welcoming the kids they choose to adopt. Nowadays, although it is a little easier as compared to the early 90’s to adopt kids, not everyone has the guts to take such a step. Here we show you the brave and kind-hearted celebrities who have adopted kids and are giving a huge inspiration to everyone out there.

  1. Sushmita Sen
    Sushmita Sen, former Miss Universe and famous Bollywood actress adopted her first child in her early 20’s Renny. But she had so many difficulties when she adopted her second child, Alisah but she didn’t stop.
  2. Ravina Tandon
    Ravina Tandon was just 21 years old when she adopted two girls, Chhaya and Pooja, daughters of a distant cousin who was facing financial crisis.
  3. Mithun Chakraborty
    Mithun da, adopted a baby girl when he came to know that the baby was found on the street garbage bin and raised her with his other three sons, Namashi, Rimoh, Mimoh. He proves to be a real superstar.
  4. Salim Khan
    The most respected and well known part of Indian film industry, Salim Khan adopted Arpita and raised her like a princess with his other three children. She’s now married and is seen in a lot of social events.
  5. Subhash Ghai
    Subhash Ghai adopted a girl named Meghna, who is said to be his younger brother’s biological daughter but was adopted and raised by Subhash Ghai. She now manages the production company and the acting school.
  6. Dibakar Banerjee
    The well known director of movies like Khosla Ka Ghosla & Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, adopted a girl from a Mumbai based orphanage and named her Ira, raising her proudly with his wife Richa.
  7. Sameer Soni and Neelam Kothari
    Sameer married Neelam after Bigg Boss 4 but due to some complications, there was no good news. Hence in September 2013, two years after their marriage they adopted a baby girl named Ahana and started their family.
  8. Kunal and Ravina Kohli
    Kunal Kohli, well known director adopted a 7-month old baby girl and named her Radha with his wife Ravina who is the director for the famous TV talk show, Koffee with Karan. Kunal announced this big news to the world through his Twitter handle.
  9. Shobhana
    Shobhana, an actor and a Bharatanatyam dancer, adopted a baby girl in 2010 and named her Ananthanarayani. She also performed Annaprasana for her at the Guruvayur temple in Kerala.
  10. Nikhil Advani
    Nikhil Advani is known for his famous direction in movies like Kal ho na ho, also adopted a 4-year old baby girl along with his wife and named her Keya.
  11. Sandeep Soparkar
    A Famous choreographer has probably been India’s first single male parent to adopt a child. He fought against all odds to adopt Arjun. Later he got married to Jesse Randhawa.

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