10 Things That You Are Doing Wrong With Your iPhone. . .

We know that you keep your iPhone as a prized possession but there are chances that you are not doing it right. Now that Apple has released its new iPhone and you might already be thinking to splurge on it. We suggest you take a moment and understand your iPhone fully before you buy the next one. There are many things that you didn’t know about iPhone, so you might be doing it all wrong. Here are the things that need to be addressed –

  1. Data Control
    We all face issues with data storage in iPhone. Let us enlighten you to make more of it. Apple has introduced a feature that lets you select which apps should use cellular data or Wi-Fi. So head over to settings and disable the cellular data option for selected apps. Tada! Your data will be saved in leaps and bounds.
  2. Fast Charging
    Need to charge it in a jiffy? Simply put the airplane mode and see the magic.
  3. Undo
    If you have accidentally sent a wrong message or email, simply shake your phone off. The undo typing box will appear that lets you edit it or shake the phone again to activate redo typing box if you changed your mind.
  4. Never overcharge
    If your phone is showing 100% battery, stop charging it. If you will, it will affect your phone’s performance.
  5. Easy Texting
    Double tap the spacebar after a sentence and it will automatically add a period and space for you. Easy no?!
  6. Teach Siri to pronounce words correctly
    If Siri seems to mispronounce someone’s name, tell her about that. She will give you some alternative options to choose from. Pick the correct one to make sure she always pronounces it right from the next time.
  7. Set a timer for music
    In case you want to listen to music before you go to sleep, set a timer so that it turns off on its own.
  8. Can’t read your messages – Use Speak
    If your hands are occupied and can’t access the messages, you don’t have to do that later when free. Simply activate the ‘Speak’ option and it will read it aloud to you.
  9. Use your calendar properly
    Did you know that you can have access to an elaborate calendar? Simply turn your phone sideways while using the calendar app. You will see a detailed view.
  10. Text Messages Decoded
    Want to get information about time and date for the text messages? Well, it’s super easy to have. Simply slide the texts over to see the timestamps for every message.

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