Top Charlize Theron movies to watch once in a lifetime. . .

From Furiosa and Cipher in recent movies to Aileen and Mary Ann in the past, Charlize Theron has won millions of hearts through her acting skills. This Academy Award actress and producer born in South Africa has been part of more than 30 movies till date. Let’s take a look to one of her finest works till date:

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
    Can you ever forget that bald, petite yet piercing eyed and powerful woman who rebelled against her tyrannical ruler? Though the movie was as it says was about “Mad Max”, but it was “Imperator Furiosa” who proved that she’s a true hero.
    With jaw-dropping actions, crackpot humor and strong performances, Furiosa made this movie an epic prologue of futuristic disasters.
  2. Kubo and the Two Strings
    The movie rotates around “Kubo” who is clever and dynamic, yet a young Japanese boy who gets into trouble after unleashing a monster from his past.
    It’s about rising to become a hero of your own fate. And to do this he joins hands with “Monkey” aka Charlize Theron, a fierce warrior and a samurai Beetle (Matthew McConaughey).
  3. Monster
    Released in 2003, this biopic was based on a true story of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute, who killed quite a few men who she “serviced”. And one of the first woman serial killer of US!
    You wouldn’t be able to recognize Charlize here as Aileen here. This movie once again proved that she’s a great actress and an intelligent person. A crime drama which will leave you in hysteria!
  4. North Country
    Another movie that nominated Charlize for the best actress in Oscar, and Golden Globe in 2006. Theron here plays a young woman who went to court with another 20 miners of Eveleth, Minnesota, after constant threats, humiliation, assaults, and stalkings.
    Yes, she becomes one of the first women to raise voice against sexual harassment. “The case, the first class action lawsuit on sexual discrimination in the US, changed the way Americans live and work.”
  5. Young Adult
    A movie in which Charlize gives us some life-lessons when we sometimes get lost in our own self-proclaimed bubble. Mavis (Charlize Theron) is a teen literature writer who returns to her small town to reclaim her high school sweetheart (already married).
    “What becomes of a high school beauty queen who never really grew up and can’t quite reconcile her thirty something unhappy life with her past popularity? Is she the epitome of today’s young adult?”–Bob Hoose, Plugged In.
  6. Hancock
    Though this movie is all about Hancock (Will Smith), your not-so-friendly superhero, it’s the surprise element at the end of the movie that makes it organic and stunning.
    This surprise is none other than her own lover, Mary played by Charlize Theron who is also a superhero but lives a normal life as a happy mother and wife. Theron has done an amazing job here of being a natural, yet down-to-earth (and raging) woman with super powers she never intends to use.

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