Top Bollywood Movies That Starred Dogs As One of The Main Characters. . .

We share a special bond with our dog. We can never think of turning our backs on them, even in movies! Yes, we’re talking about those Bollywood movies where dogs did stellar performances and won our hearts forever. So, make sure your furry friend(s), gotta watch them all! Let’s begin with the recent ones:

  1. Dil Dhadakne Do
    Among the bizarre Mehras, there’s the coolest member of the family, that takes the responsibility of being the only ‘sane’ one.

    He’s the one who narrates the whole story to us and left us to wonder that dogs are actually the most adorable, sane and calm friend and family you can have. Voiced by Aamir Khan, it’s “Pluto”, the Bluff Mastiff, a rare and classy dog that steals the show!

  2. Entertainment

    Released in 2014, this movie after a long pause had cast a dog in the lead role in a Bollywood movie. All thanks to the Golden Retriever named “Entertainment” which saved Akshay Kumar from becoming a major flop of that year. The movie completely revolves around the dog who inherits a whopping money from his owner.
    It’s “him” who was the heart of the movie, as the co-producer Ramesh Taurani said:
    “We were always keen on having a Golden Retriever play Entertainment. The breed has the look and charisma that are right for the role. It was our crew in Bangkok who found Junior (Entertainment), an extremely well-trained dog and turned out to be everybody’s favourite co-star.”

  3. Chillar Party
    A classic movie aptly defining the childhood bond between a dog and the kids. Seriously, this National Award winning movie had set up serious goals for the human-dog relationship.

    Did you just not fall in love with the “Bhidu”, the furry friend of “Fatka”? Whether it was playing cricket, saving friends or reuniting with his owner, “Bhidu” had portrayed some of the best moments in the movie!

  4. Hum Aapke Hain Koun!
    Can any Bollywood buff ever forget that cute, little, white and fluffy Pomeranian called “Tuffy”? For most of us, he was a crucial member of the family. Remember who saved “Rajesh” from stabbing the love story of Prem and Nisha?

    Anyway, it turns out the “Tuffy” or “Redo” (original name) was then adopted by Madhuri Dixit herself after completing the shoot for the movie.

  5. Teri Meherbaniyan
    Literally, the only movie in Bollywood which portrayed the dog as the ultimate “hero” of the movie. He fought like a warrior and killed the goons in the end.
    It turns out that “Moti”, a pure breed chocolate Labrador had won many hearts including Jackie Shroff:
    “Brownie Moti was one of my true friends… one of my only friends. She was there when I felt pain and suffering, which I did many times after being rejected from roles. She was there to lick my tears and give me many hugs. She accepted whatever I give her. Little scraps of meat. Little bit of chocolate (her favorite kind- chocolate brownies).”

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