10 Haunted Places In India That You Can’t Dare To Visit Alone. . .

India is a country full of mysteries. Indeed, a lot of them! While our history is filled with stories of mystery people, ruins, countless battles, treasures, forts etc., we can’t deny the presence of supernatural powers even in today’s world. Believe it or not, our country is full of haunted places, more than you can count on your fingers. While many of them might be hoax, we present you 10 truly haunted places across India that you can’t dare to visit alone –

  1. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Delhi
    The tourist spot in Delhi is said to be haunted since centuries. The legends say that the place was filled with black water which used to attract visitors to go deeper. Many of them committed suicide here.
  2. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
    It has been enjoying the top list of the most haunted places in India for years. The ruins of the fort are haunted and even the government has restricted entry into the fort after sunset.
  3. The Church of Three Kings, Goa
    There is an interesting story to validate its horror stories. Three Portuguese kings used to fight for the Kingdom of Goa. One day, one of the kings named Holgar poisoned the other two in this church. After the incident came to light, a huge crowd came to kill the king. Seeing this, he himself drank the poison that he used to kill others. All three kings are buried in this church.
  4. Tunnel No. 33, Shimla
    This tunnel in Shimla is known to have been haunted by the ghost of Colonel Barog, one of the engineers in the British Railway. Some people claim that it is a friendly ghost and has never harmed anyone.
  5. GP Block, Meerut (Uttar Pradesh)
    People have witnessed weird happening in the area like a woman in red and people drinking around the area. The spooky thing about this place is that no one is able to identify four men drinking here or even the woman.
  6. Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai
    The poshest location of Mumbai qualifies for a haunted place. Why? The rising number of suicides in these towers is the reason why it is deemed unfit to live. Most of the people and families have jumped off the windows resulting in death.
  7. Jamali-Kamali Masjid
    This religious site is unlike any other religious place, the reason being other-worldly beings haunting this place. Many people believe that some jihns have made it their home and many people report to getting slapped by invisible forces inside the mosque especially after sunset.
  8. Kuldhara, Rajasthan
    Back in 1800s, the villagers started to abandon this place because of the supernatural happenings. This is one of the scariest places in entire Rajasthan and is located only a few kilometers from Jaisalmer.
  9. National Library, Kolkata
    National Library in Kolkata has a strange story to offer to the people. But this one is a scary one. A lot of paranormal activities are reported here which is the reason why guards are afraid to take night shifts here.
  10. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
    Contrary to what you think, Ramoji Film City is haunted and many people have witnessed to its dramatic supernatural events with no VFX involved.

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