4 Ways to Increase the Likelihood of a Holiday Romance. . .

  1. Sweat

    Are you overwhelmed with love? It’s not just the champagne that’s served in your hotel for breakfast. Summer sun stimulates the growth of production in the body of testosterone – as much as 120% in some cases. And women, everyone knows this, are attracted to males flaunting a high level of male hormones. But how do they understand, who do not have water in his veins, but an ebullient passion?

    Women subconsciously, but accurately assess your testosterone level by the smell of your sweat. Fresh sweat, of course. “Take the ball and the woman you like, go to the volleyball court,” advises Siski Green, author of “How to make her brain wrack in bed.” – Team sports, even more, stimulate the production of male hormones.  To smell this fact, fresh sweat will be more than enough. ” Well, after the match you can already take a cold shower – together.

  2. Darker

    You need a tan (easy and safe!). Scientists from the University of Arizona have established that women are biologically programmed to choose men with darker skin, as they seem more adult, rich and more “dangerous”, savage. Do not try to understand it, just believe it.

    Gorge yourself with food. “Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which does not allow to burn in the sun and helps to get a good tan,” says dietician Karina Norris. – The same effect is produced by foods rich in lutein (for example, spinach) and zeaxanthin (eg, Bulgarian pepper). ” Warning: these vegetables do not replace the cream with UV protection. So combine: in the evening you eat carrots, in the first half of the next day – lightly sunbathe, then smear with cream and go to the volleyball court.

  3. Cross the border

    Every sixth woman on vacation is ready for sex on the first date. “The level of testosterone in the body of ladies in summer also grows, and this makes it less sensitive to the effects of oxytocin – the hormone of attachment and responsibility. Husband and children are waiting at home? Well, forget about it when there are such a sunset and such a sun! “- Suzan Kuchinskas, the author of the book “Chemistry of Love “, explains with knowledge.

    Look for your prey in overseas resorts. According to the Durex Sex Survey, Norwegians, Finns, Swedes and New Zealander, more than other women on the planet are inclined to have sex without commitment. And if you’re on the beach, where no one has a passport, look more attentively at the bare bodies: Goettingen University argues that women with tattoos “are more open to casual connections.” How to start a conversation? Psychologists insist that talking about the beautiful weather makes people happier and they (people) project these positive feelings on you.

  4. Eat horizontally

    “Women are socially trained to perceive picnics as a romantic event,” our expert Siski Green says dreamily. There are other strange data for those who snack lying, like the Romans. “A study conducted at the Australian National University showed that people remember more, become more responsive and concentrate their attention when they are lying down,” says psychologist Tracy Cox. So your conversations will sink into her soul.” Just do not forget to cool the wine and stuff the basket … with what?

    Raw celery, truffles, and caviar contain the hormone androsterone, which causes attraction and improves mood in women,” nutritionists say. In protein-rich foods, there is tyrosine, which is used to develop stimulants for sex dopamine and norepinephrine.

So, planning a vacation at the city of brides, use our advice and enjoy life!


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